Tuesday, April 6, 2021

An update - and an introduction to my new sex life


It's been a long time since my last post and a lot has changed since then.  

We've relocated to FL and unfortunately lost contact with Lisa's steady bull.  Since the move, Lisa has not had much interest in sex. She says she was so satisfied by her bull/boyfriend back north, that she feels she will never have it that good again. They had been seeing each other for 8+ years, so moving has left my wife with no one to satisfy her.

Around 5 years ago a package was delivered to our house, it was addressed to Lisa. She told me she had a surprise for me and opened the package.  Lisa had bought a strap-on, and she said she had some plans  for me, and she wanted to try something new. Soon after that, there was an evening where she would introduce me to my new sex-life.  In retrospect, this was prelude to a new normal that was about to emerge. 

I was able to video this indoctrination and the sessions that would follow, please send an email to me at if you would like a direct link to this video and the sessions that followed. 

Before we left the north-east, my wife Lisa had been seeing her bull fairly regularly. For the last 2-3 years, Lisa and her bull had mostly insisted on meeting alone - which is why there were no videos of the 2 of them in recent years. They decided sex was better without my presence, so I was suddenly left out and there was nothing I could do about it. 

Every few weeks, Lisa would get the urge and tell me to 'make a date' for her. I would text her bull, coordinate a date and time for them and reserve the hotel room.  Most of these dates were over-nighters, where and I would drop her off at the hotel and she would be dropped off at home in the morning by her bull.  At first it was very hard to be home wondering what they were doing in that room, but after the first few times, I accepted it and it became less stressful for me. 

I will post more as time permits, meanwhile you can email me or chat with me on google hangouts with this address:  

I can also be reached on Skype with


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  2. On my god!!

  3. Nice to get you back ! Looking for further details on your new life. Regards.

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  5. Welcome back! We missed you.

    From reading your latest blog update, you have been going through some significant changes with Lisa and your lifestyle. As we all realize, the cuckold lifestype is one of a roller coaster of emotions as is evident in your prior posts and especially in your post about Creampies.

    You mentioned in your latest post that, for a few years prior to moving to Florida, Lisa was still seeing her bull but they had excluded you from watching or participating with them. . I was wondering if you missed your Creampie cleanup duties and the occasions when Lisa’s bull would dominate you by making you worship his cock and prepare him for Lisa. I must have read your description of cleaning up Lisa 100 times or more and the thought of feeding you her lover’s sperm in such a turn on.

    Please keep updating your blog. I always look forward to reading your vivid description of the many emotions that you experience with your beautiful wife.