Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meeting a man closer to home

After returning from vacation Lisa was very relaxed and content. For several weeks she would often tell me what a great time she had and how we should return there soon. I knew what she enjoyed most and asked her if that was why she wanted to go back there, she laughed and admitted that it "had something to do with it". A few months later she seemed very anxious and uptight, I asked her what was wrong and she said work was getting to her and she needed some excitement. I knew what she meant at this point. She told me, 'Why don't you try to find me some?" I had joined Yahoo groups and there were many there that were geared towards single men looking for women. So I posted a few pics of Lisa and a brief description of what she was like and what she liked in a man. A few days later I had been using my PC and I had left the Yahoo IM open. She saw my ID, (which is hubwhowatches) and several messages that came in from men who were interested in her. When I returned I saw the postit note on my monitor saying "get me a date!". After a few weeks of chatting and exchanging pics, one young man stood out as someone Lisa would like. He was single, around 28 years old, in great shape and had a very thick and long cock. He also said he loved older women, and Lisa's ample/voluptuous shape and the fact that she was married and really only wanted sex. I showed Lisa his pics and she said lets meet him for a drink next weekend. She suggested a Hotel bar about 20 minutes from us. The weekend arrived and she spent hours primping for our meeting, when we met at the bar sparks flew immediately. They hit it off very well, and although I was sitting with them it was clear that they were interested in more than talk. His hands ran down her back and on her knee as they chatted in the bar. I noticed people who had seen Lisa and I walk in together, now watching this other guu grope her. It was difficult to deal with to say the least. After some time Lisa just got up and said they were ready to go, I paid the bill and then we walked outside the bar. Lisa said "why don't you go check us in?". I went to the front desk and checked in as they chatted in the lobby. When we got to the room they relaxed on the bed, he complimented Lisa on her body and her dress, then began to carress her as she relaxed. She told me to go down and get them some drinks, which I did. When I returned they were kissing on the bed but still clothed, but that didn't last long. Lisa was tipsy from the drinks and had her arms around him as he hiked up her dress, his hands all over her ass. He took the dress off over her head and looked at her body in awe. Within a few minutes she was naked and he was spreading her legs and licking her pussy.