Thursday, June 23, 2011

The vacation

We planned our vacation months in advance and were very much looking forward to a relaxing 10 day getaway to a warm island in the Caribbean where we could unwind a bit. We flew first class, were staying in a very exclusive hotel, and were having a great time enjoying the weather, beach and bars and great restaurants. During our stay we would usually spend the day at the beach, pool or visiting local points of interest, then go out to dinner. After dinner we would then go to one of the bars or clubs to relax and enjoy the music or dancing. Each time we went to a bar or club I would get this feeling that Lisa was wandering away. She would offer to get us drinks then when she didn't return for 30 mins or more sometimes, I'd go looking for her and find her chatting at the bar with some guy or group of guys. It was all very innocent it seemed, but nevertheless in the back of my mind I guess I wondered how innocent it really was... On the final night of our stay, we planned to go to the best restaurant on the island for dinner and then to a club that had been highly recommended. After dinner we arrived at the club, the place was jumping with people, mostly a mixed crowd of younger 20-30 year olds. We walked around a bit and Lisa said she needed to use the ladies room, there was a line so I waited with her a while. Then I told her I would go to the mens room and then meet her near the bar in a few minutes. 20 mins later I still could not locate her. The bar was multi-level and I walked around for a while until I finally found her, standing at the back bar - talking with a guy. She introduced me to her new friend, Max, he was a young looking, maybe late 20's, stocky build black man. He was a local islander, knew all the best places to party and seemed very friendly. Lisa finished her drink and he quickly fetched another for her, actually bought a round for us all. While he was getting the drinks, Lisa whispered in my ear, "He's really nice, I like him, what do you think?". Trying to evade the point I knew she was trying to make, I said, "yeah, he seems nice, most people here on this island are nice". When he returned, Lisa and he talked and laughed, and finally she leaned over and said Max knows of a club a few miles away that is really good that he wanted to take us to. I was not sure I wanted to leave the place we were at, but I agreed and we got in his car and he drove the short drive to the club. When we arrived, the people at the door knew Max, he was a regular and well known I guess. We entered the club, Max's Friends greeted him and he introduced us to maybe 15 different people within the first few minutes. They were all locals, all mid 20's and all black. The 3 of us sat down at a table, Max ordered more drinks for us all and then excused himself to got to the men's room. Lisa leaned over the table and said 'Did you notice we are the only white people in this place?'. I told her i noticed, and I'd bet most of the other people here noticed too. Max returned, he asked Lisa if she wanted to dance, she said 'let's go!' and left for the dance floor. I could see her from the table, it was just dancing but also noticed Mac had his hands all over her at times. I could see his friends on the dance floor giving him high fives and laughing. Lisa was enjoying the attention and was really getting into dancing, she danced with a few of his friends then went back to Mac. They came back to the table, and when we couldn't find the waitress for another round, they went to the bar together to get them. As I was sitting there waiting, I thought to myself I know what this is leading up to, the writing is on the wall. Lisa was already Little drunk, it would not take much to get her juices flowing - and it looked to me like they were already at full flood stage. When they came back, we talked and finished our drinks. It was probably 1 AM, I leaned over and asked if she was ready to leave soon. She leaned over to Mac, they talked, then she leaned back to me and said "Yes, we're all set" As we walked out of the club, I expected to grab a taxi but Mac insisted that he would give us a lift to our hotel which was just a few miles down the road. Lisa jumped in the front with him and I sat in the back. As we drove I saw Mac's hand reach over to Lisa's thigh, his hand reaching between them and Lisa putting her hand over his arm. She leaned back and I saw her ever so slightly spread her thighs. She was wearing a short dress and could see his hand was reaching upwards. The car was eerily quiet except for the sounds of the road and the radio playing low in the background. We arrived at the hotel a few minutes later. I said goodbye and thank you to Mac and then opened the door and got out. When Lisa did not open her door, I looked in and saw him leaning over and kissing him. One hand was between her legs, the other behind her head. A guy we had seen at our hotel earlier that day walked by at this point, he said hi to me, then he glanced in the car and saw what was going on there, he just looked back at me and then quickly looked away. I felt really uncomfortable at this point, not knowing what to do, standing outside the car watching my wife make out with this black guy. Lisa got out of the car, and then the driver side door opened. She walked over to me and said 'Mac's going to come up to our room for a night-cap. You don't mind do you hunny?'. Mac was standing there looking at me and all I could say was 'sure that's fine' When we got to the room, Lisa told me to open a bottle of wine for them. As I opened the bottle and poured the 3 glasses they went out on the balcony. He put his hands on Lisa's waist and pulled her close. She turned to him and soon they were embracing, kissing passionately. His hands ran up her back, then lifted her dress and grabbed her ass. I could hear her moan and he ran his hands up and down her curvy body. I hear her laugh then she calls me and says 'Where's our wine honey?'. I brought the glasses of wine out to the balcony, pretending not to have seen what I just saw. As we sip the wine Mac says 'you have a fine woman here, you're a lucky man, she's a real spitfire'. Lisa suggested we go inside and she sat on the couch, Mac sitting next to her, I sat on the chair nearby. Then they started to make out right there in front of me. Lisa's back was to me and I saw him reach behind her and try to find the zipper on her dress. The zipper was stuck, I hear Lisa say to him 'he will do it', 'Honey can you get my zipper?' I leaned over and unzipped her dress, the zipper went to just below the waist and once it was down I knew there was no stopping what was going to happen. He quickly pulled her dress from her shoulders to her waist. She turned her back to me showing her bra strap and said 'Please...'. I unhooked her bra, her big breasts fell from them like melons. He started sucking them as she leaned back on the couch moaning. After a few minutes, Lisa stood up, let her dress fall to the floor and told me to turn out the light. She asked for more wine, I told her she had already had too much but she insisted. As i poured the wine for her, She whispered to me 'he's going to fuck me, you know that don't you', then she headed over to the the bed. Mac said 'you have an incredible wife, I'm going to really enjoy fucking her'. He said 'I bet she has a really tight white pussy, doesn't she?' I said 'I guess you'll be finding out pretty soon'. He said 'I know I will, but when I'm done it won't be tight any more'. She layed back on the bed, I handed her her wine. Lisa said, 'what about Mac?, Pour a glass for him too!. And you better pour one for're going to need it' They had a good laugh at that one. She layed back on the bed and Mac laid next to her. She pulled him close, they kissed, his hands running up and down her body. She reached for my hand and held it as he sucked on her breasts. In a flash He removed her panties, a skimpy thong really and started fingering her pussy. He went down on her, licking her pussy as she moaned and bucked her hips. She spread her thighs to give him full access. He raised up, kissed her on the lips and pulled down his shorts. His cock was hard as a rock, it was the first time I ever saw a black cock, I remember it was very thick but not huge, but compared to me he was easily a third bigger in size. He positioned himself between her legs, she grabbed his cock, and told me to bring her pocketbook over. I was confused until she reached in and pulled out a condom. I had no idea she had purchased them. She stroked his cock and expertly slid the condom on him, then pointed the head at the lips of her pussy and he began his long slow and very deliberate thrust into my wife. I remember seeing her small white hand wrapped around his black shaft and how she pointed it right at her love hole. Lisa moaned softly as he plowed deeper and deeper inside her. " I found I became excited thinking, this is a complete stranger, a young black man she had met only hours before, and using my wife like she was a slut. I had brought our video camera to capture some of the great scenery of the island but now I wanted to capture this excitement. I turned on the camera and placed it on the credenza. He was fucking her furiously now, and I could hear them groan and their flesh slapping together with each thrust. They went at it for about a half hour, then took a break. Lisa went to the ladies room to freshen up and Mac turned to me and said 'Your wife loves my black cock, you're not going to be able to keep her from it' It was now around 3 AM, but Lisa wanted more. She lay on the bed and she started sucking his cock to get him hard again. He still had the condom on so he reached down, pulled it off and told her to suck it. Lisa got him semi hard and wanted him inside her again. She looked over at me and said 'you enjoying this?' 'Pull down your pants, I want to watch you jerk off while he fucks me'. Lisa straddled him and positioned his cock to enter her. She called me over and told me to get a condom from the bag. She told me to open it and put it on him. I said 'what!!??' she repeated 'put it on him'. I had no idea how to react to this but i did as she asked. I opened the package, reached down below her ass which was perched just above his cock and fumbled as I tried to roll the rubber on his cock. I finally got it on him and then he said 'now put it inside'. I pointed his cock at the wet opening and then he pushed her down on him. I remember seeing her slide down his black pole and moaning as he drove deeper and deeper. She told me to sit in the chair, she wanted to see me jerk off. He fucked her in this position for a while, she kept saying 'I want you to jerk off, watch him jerk off Mac, fuck me Mac'. He Fucked her furiously, as I sat a few feet away and jerked off and watched his black pole slide in and out of my wife's pussy. I remember thinking at least he is wearing a condom, I was sure he was going to cum any minute now. Lisa came twice while he was fucking her this way, her body shuddering and quivering with each orgasm. She rolled off him and started blowing him again, still not satisfied. He pulled the condom off again then rolled her over onto all fours and spread her ass cheeks. He positioned her at the end of the bed and started fucking her doggy style. I knew he did not have a condom on at this point. Lisa looked over to me and said, 'keep jerking off, but don't cum until he does' I did not have to wait long...Mac fucked her hard and I remember the curve of her arched back allowing him full and deep access to her pussy. Mac then said 'you want it inside?'...Lisa and I both didn't understand what he meant. He repeated, 'Inside or outside?' finally realizing by the pace of his thrusts what he meant and much to my relief, my wife replied 'outside'. He pulled out and splatted her ass and back with his sperm. they lay there for a while, then Mac got dressed and was ready to leave. He shook my hand and said thank you, which I thought was very nice of him. I will never forget what he said to me 'I fucked your wife the way she needs to be fucked, now she's always going to want black cock' He was right. After he left Lisa asked me if I enjoyed that, seeing him fuck her and use her. I told her it was hard to watch but I could not stop. She said come here and fuck me. As I entered her, I could feel the difference immediately. And so could she, she said 'can you feel how he stretched me out? He stretched my pussy, now fuck me.' I fucked her and all i could think about was how his cock had been inside her minutes ago. i became more excited as she whispered, 'he fucked your wife' over and over in my ear. she sensed I was about to cum and arched her back, opened her legs and said 'fill me!'. I flooded her and then we soon fell asleep exhausted. The next day on the way to the airport, Lisa asked what I thought of last night. I said it was very unexpected but I knew she was enjoying herself. She said 'you know I think he was right, about what he told you before he left...I've always been curious about black men, now I finally think I know what I've been missing

Monday, June 13, 2011

the rules of play according to Lisa

So I'm now realizing that my wife wants to see other men. She does not want to have an affair, she just seems to want the sex, and the excitement that being with another man brings her. I'm slowly coming to grips with this, and while I don't necessarily like the idea, I know our marriage and family is otherwise very fulfilling for us both - it's just something we are going to have to deal with. Lisa told me she enjoyed having me watch her, she felt it added to the excitement both she and her partner felt and that she felt secure with me knowing what was going on. She felt it was not cheating, since I was there and I was aware of what she was doing. That was very important to her since she would not want to be one of those women who cheats and lies to her husband.

She asked if I was ok with being involved, if I would mind helping her find suitable men for her to meet. She said it would be good for me since I would have a role in it rather than just a wittness to it. I said that it might be a good thing for me, that I would try it. Lisa said 'You know what I like' see if you can find it for me. She suggested I place some ads on swinger sites and describe what 'we' were looking for...she went on to tell me what she wants and needs:

  • She only wants men with large cocks, thickness and girth are very important to her, length secondary but also important. She said 8 inches or more is what she likes.

  • She only wants young in shape men who are attracted to older women

  • Only men who are comfortable fucking her with me present

  • She said race was not an issue but she was not attracted to asian men

  • She does not like hairy men

  • She prefers muscular men

So I placed a few ads and a photo of her and we recieved hundreds of replies. I began chatting with some of them on yahoo trying to weed out the jerks from men I thought my wife would be interested in. A few months later, we had several men who we thought were suitable but no time to meet.

We did however set aside time for a much needed vacation to the carribbean. Just Lisa and I, no kids or responsibilities. I really was looking forward to spending some one on one time with my wife, but while we spent alot of quality time together, my wifes insatiable needs once again took you will find out in my next post

Thursday, June 2, 2011

"So what did you think about last night?"

The morning after was very strange indeed. We had gotten home at around 3AM from the hotel and Lisa was exhausted and fell asleep within minutes, no shower, and she didn't say much. The next day was a typical Sunday morning in almost every way, the kids came down for breakfast, Lisa made breakfast for them, we read the paper and talked as if nothing had happened the night before. As we sat there, I began to have flashbacks from the night before, images of my wife with her legs spread wide, the sounds her mouth made as she sucking his cock, I remembered hearing him moaning in as she blew him, how he held her hair back to show me her mouth and hand sliding up and down his shaft.

An hour or 2 later the kids were out doing their thing and Lisa and I sat in the kitchen sipping coffee. As I sat there, sipping our coffee Lisa broke the silence and said, "So what did you think about last night?".

I said "I thought you enjoyed yourself, how was it?" She went on to tell me how great it was and that she hadn't had orgasms like that so so long. She said he was so big and that excited her even more, she said she liked having me there and asked if I was uncomfortable.

I told her honestly that he seemed like a very nice guy and that made it easier for me, but I wanted to know what it was that made him so much better than the sex we had together. With that, Lisa put down her coffee and told me to come upstairs to the bedroom with her.

She dropped her robe climbed into bed and invited me in. I will never forget that moment...she guided my head between her thighs, rolled her hips and moaned. She spread her thighs wide and said "Taste me". Her pussy was so wet and I could still smell his scent on her. She held my head between her thighs and said "Taste it, honey, he fucked me so good". She quickly came to orgasm and then pulled me up and said "now fuck me like he did".

I was so excited and hard that I slid inside Lisa easily. No lube needed this morning. I went in so easily...then she said "feels different doesn't it...?"
I began to think about what happened the night before. 'He' had been in there too. I fucked her furiously as these thoughts went through my head. She said "He fucked your wife, how do you feel about that", "his cock stretched my pussy, you feel the difference dont' you?"

I did feel the difference and I tried to hold off as long as I could and hopefully bring Lisa to another orgasm, but it was all too intense and as i was about to cum she told me to "pull out, I want to see you cum". I quickly exploded on her pussy and splattered her belly.

As we lay there, she told me to spread the cum on her belly and pussy, it was a wet sticky mess, but i did as she asked. I then asked her if she came and she said she had not. She said, "I came so much last night, I'm not really surprised you couldn't get me off, it's ok" She went on to say she couldn't believe how thick and long he was, and how "that's what makes me cum".

Afterwards, I just has to deal with it, the painful anxious reality that my sweet beautiful wife, the mother of our children has been fucked by another man.

she slowly, shyly confessed to me what’s been going on, how long she has had these unfulfilled sexual desires, that she didn’t mean to hurt me, and that she still loves me. Still, I felt humiliated, inadequate, and somewhat lost and confused. I asked her if she would like to stop, to please stop having sex with other men, she said she wanted to be honest, and she tells me that she can’t really promise me anything because she doesnt’ know, that she’s confused.
After more talking, she eventually tells me that if i wants to leave her, she’ll understand. She says knows it’s all her fault. But she loves me, and that’s not what she wants. I want to be with her, I wants her to stay. And I'm feeling desperate because even though every fiber of my being does not want to accept this, I also don’t want to lose her and our marriage and family life are otherwise perfect.

After more talking, Lisa gains the strength and confidence to honesty explain to me that if we are to remain together, if I really want to stay with her, our relationship is going to have to change. She explains that she’s just being honest with me. That’s when I realize that the price of staying together will be I'm going to have to get used to the idea of sharing her with other men. She doesn’t put it quite that bluntly, but I know what she means.