Friday, September 18, 2015

Another hotel date, another night of cuckolding...Some background info first: The video is two parts of the same recent date. After fucking Lisa for several hours earlier in the evening, my wife and her bull sleep peacefully for several hours. I left the camera running and it captured the moments shortly before and after he left the hotel. Her bull needed to be at work early, so he set his alarm for 6 AM. When he woke, he also woke up Lisa and began to get his last licks in. He was laying next to her, both of them naked, spooning and soon began penetrating her. I lay next them, in my shorts, still locked in chastity and pretended to be asleep, but a few moments later, he noticed I had moved and he told me to lick her as he fucked her on her side. You can't see any of that part because we were under the covers. So this clip begins as he tells me lay on my back, Lisa quickly straddles my face, and her bull moves into position behind her to mount her doggy style. His black balls dangle near my face, he instructs me to "Stick it in...BITCH". I position his black cock at the entry to my wife's wet pussy and he begins to slowly work his way inside her. A few moments latter he is fucking her furiously, I can hear his balls slapping against Lisa's clit, as she moans with each powerful thrust of his BBC. He slows down, pulls her hips back towards his rigid member and drives his BBC deep, causing her to gasp as he reaches the opening of her womb. He continues fucking my wife passionately and he tells me to "Lick my balls...BITCH". I do as he asks, licking his big black balls over and over for him each time he partially withdraws his cock from my wife's pussy. His pace begins to quicken, Lisa tells him, "Do it, Do it, Do it!" He replies. "Ok, you got it" and begins to pund her furiously again. Moments later, he explodes for the second time inside my wife. the first part of the video ends there...

 The second part begins just after He left our hotel room. Both Lisa and I were wide awake from what had just happened. Lisa asked me to open the black-out shades to let in the morning light and Lisa and I lay on the bed. She allowed me to remove my chastity lock and the second part picks up as I began to masturbate laying next to her. She told me to put my finger in her pussy to feel what he had left for me. I could tell she was getting aroused again, and Lisa unexpectedly gets up and straddles my face. She positions her pussy at my mouth, I know what she I begin to lick her. At first I did not detect anything very different, but within a few moments, Lisa begins to moan and grind her pussy against my face and mouth. Her full breasts heave, her hips, thighs and belly begin to tense. Seconds later, She leans back and orgasms powerfully. We can see her shapely body shaking and gently convulsing as she straddles my face.

At that moment, a flood of her bulls sperm is released from its' place deep inside my wife. I gasp, my arms flail as I struggle beneath her, as his seed seeps from her. Unable to move, I eat the meal her bull has left and she has just fed me.

You can see the entire move here Cuckold Hub Gets Fed Bull Cum 1

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pre-date night anxiety

Lisa's BF contacted me earlier this week and wanted another date with her... tomorrow evening. He will be coming over around 8 or 9 PM Thursday night and although they've been together many times, I always feel an uncomfortable anxiety before the date. I suppose I should be used to it by now but I always feel a pit in my stomach before each date. I can't explain the reason for this and I struggle to understand it.

Lisa has been seeing men for over 20 years now.  There have been random spontaneous one-nighters, planned meetings with men who she expressed interest from online contact, as well casual acquaintances, some semi-regular partners and in most recent years, the young man she considers to be her 'boyfriend'. I guess I'm happy that she has someone she feels comfortable with and who she trusts, but the thought of my wife giving herself to him so freely can sometimes bring me to the point of feeling nauseous, especially in the hours before they meet.

With that comfort comes some mixed feelings for me. He is very good for her in many ways. He is young, athletic, enthusiastic about giving Lisa what she needs and has a very large black cock - which my wife seems to love. Really everything she could ever want. Their sexual compatibility and chemistry can't be denied, even by me, her husband. I try to imagine how he must feel. He knows he is able to satisfy my wife, he knows I know that she has wants him sexually and not me. He knows he is 20+ years younger than her and I and I wonder sometimes what a feeling of power and superiority that must be for him.

Although I accepted my place as a cuckold husband, it is a retched place to be at times like just before her dates arrive. Once they are together I still feel anxiety, but I get to a more peaceful place of acceptance of what's happening. After all once he is with her, there is nothing I can do to stop what is happening.  He will fuck my wife. Lisa will have orgasms with him. Then he will leave and we will go on with our normal lives until their desire for each other bring him back for more.

If you've followed this blog at all, you know that most of the men Lisa has been with do not cum inside her. That is the most humiliating thing another man can do to a cuckold like myself. Accepting the sperm of another man is the ultimate form of cuckoldry. There have been a few, who in the heat of the moment have done it, but most have pulled out. Her current lover has reached a significant place with regard to this. He has cum inside her several times over the past 2 years and most recently she actually asked him if he was going to do it - which of course he did. Accepting and actually wanting another man's sperm is a big step for Lisa. I accept that it is natural for him to want to do this as well. It is natural for a man to want to leave his seed inside a woman, but in this case, the woman is my wife and when he ejaculates inside her I am cuckolded to another level. Lisa is 53 years old and is going through change of life, nevertheless, I know His sperm will swim be inside my wife trying to find their mark for hours after he leaves.

Wish me luck, I will have a very sleepless and restless night especially after the text I exchanged with him earlier today.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Cucked again in my own bed

These are some screen captures of a very recent date Lisa had with her regular partner. He has been seeing her on and off over the past few years and last week she invited him over to spend the night. The photos are self explanatory, the night began with drinks and conversation and then progressed to our bedroom. There, I was cuckolded by him while Lisa looked on, what followed was some very passionate sex and an evening no one will forget.
After many months of meeting solo, Lisa invited her black steady over for the evening. He has become Lisa's regular partner, she has been seeing him on her own from time to time over the past year or so, which is why we haven't posted lately. He is 29 years old, black and over 6 foot tall. Even though there is almost a 25 year age difference between them, they have developed a strong bond and sex between them has been improving steadily over time. I'm posting this video to show you the psychological aspect of cuckolding. Many think cuckolding is just fucking another man's wife. But a in our case, the most successful bull controls the sexual mind of both the wife and the cuckold.  I'm writing this a few days after what you see in the video and I've had time to talk to Lisa, and most importantly to think about and truly understand what happened
Shortly after he arrived earlier this week, Lisa told me to help prepare the bedroom.
The first parts of the videos are posted here
and there is a short version below with some stills.

He texted me the next day

At least he asked...

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cuckolded on Vacation

A very recent week away resulted in a completely unexpected night of sex for my wife with a local. What was supposed to have been a relaxing week at an island resort for just the two of us, turned into an opportunity for another opportunity for my wife to get fucked and to cuckold me. While I was out playing golf one afternoon, she decided to attend a cocktail hour hosted by the hotel management. She found one of the bartenders who caught her eye, she engaged him in conversation and made plans to see him that evening. She invited him to our room, asked me to leave them alone and had sex with him. He was around 22 years old - at most, he was black and she told him she was married and free to do as she pleased.

Since I was not allowed to stay in the room, there is no video. I did not expect any of this to happen so I didn't even bring our video camera, but the next morning she explained what happened, which I recorded and you will hear on this audio file. She explains how they met, how she peaked his interest, how she sucked his cock on the beach and then fucked her in our hotel room.

The conversation is over breakfast the next day, she calmly explains how she met him and why and how she ended up having sex with him.

She continues to see her black boyfriend here at home, mostly alone, every few weeks. She has told me she will include me as soon as he is ready to have me present again. She said they are getting more and more sexually comfortable each time. In the meantime, I just have to wait for her to come home after each of her dates.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

I've Lost count...

25 different men have fucked my wife since our marriage.

I was think the other day how I had lost count of the number of men my wife has bedded over the past 20 years. Many of the names and circumstances have become a bit of a blur, so I decided to try to list them all with brief details as best I can recall. I'm sure some of them are slightly out of order, but I tried my best. Any of the events described below that do not have photos or videos are trysts that either I wasn't present for, didn't have a camera or have lost the media.

Fernando December 2014 - Lisa got fucked by the 22 year old bartender at the resort we were staying at while on vacation. Apparently She was very horny and picked him up while I was out playing golf, she invited him to our room that evening. He wanted her alone so she asked me to leave the room while he fucked her, she called me an hour or 2 later. When I returned she was nude on the bed and splattered.

The men who have bedded her in the past...from the year after our wedding to most recent

Unknown 1987 - While she was on a 3 day business trip, Lisa went to the hotel bar for a snack and a few drinks after work. She met a man at the bar, they struck up a conversation and after a few too many drinks she went back to his room, where he fucked her. She told me about this when she returned home.  She told me she was very sorry, but she said she liked it and eventually, over several months, convinced me that it was ok for her to see other men. This was the starting point of how I became a cuckold husband.

Bob 1988 - a former friend who fucked her while we were on vacation with him and his wife. This was the very first time she was with another man in my presence.

Jeff 1988 - a long time family friend and handy man, who fucked her in our home after making some repairs around our house.  I was on a business trip at the time and I had asked Lisa to call him to see if he could take care of a few repairs while I was away. I never had any idea he would fuck her. She didn't tell me about this for many years. We attended many family and neighborhood events with him in our company and I often think back on what he must of thought about me during those times.

 Todd 1991 - the captain of our catamaran while we vacationed in the Caribbean. She made it clear she was receptive while on the 3 hour cruise and then invited him out for drinks at a local bar and then took him back to our hotel room and fucked him while I sat waiting on the balcony.

Max 1992- Her first black man, who she picked up at a nightclub while we vacationed in the Caymans.

Here's are few captures from the video of her first black man...

Here's the Link to the full video of Lisa with her first black man...

Dave 1993- a young time share salesman she met in a bar while we were on vacation in the Cayman Islands.

Jim 1994 - a 28 year old, He contacted us through an internet add and he has fucked her many times since then. The first man to cum inside her and has done so every time they meet. He was her first really big cock, 9+ inches. He has fucked her many different times over the years, here are a few scenes...

Showing me what he's left behind

After he fucked her, they relax

Fucked her again in the morning


This is what I found when I got home

He filled her once again


John 1994 - we met him and his wife at a couples club, she invited them both to our hotel room, he fucked her for a few hours and then they both left. His wife was not interested in me, but we watched them together.

Holden 1995 - A young 26 year old co-worker of hers from the west coast who was her for a business meeting. She invited him to stay at our house the night before his flight back home.  He fucked her and spent the night in our bedroom while I slept in the guest room.

Unknown 1998 - We met him at a casino while on vacation in the Caribbean, he was with a group of friends and Lisa took a liking to two of them.  After an hour or two, and a bit of drinking, she told me she wanted to invite them back to our room for a nightcap. They both fucked her for several hours.


Here's the link to the full movie

Unknown 1999 - a 34 year old who worked for the same company as Lisa but in another state. She met him while they were attended a conference in Las Vegas. Lisa got a bit drunk and invited him to her hotel room. She dialed the phone and handed it to him just as he began to fuck her. He told me how naughty she is, how nice her big tits and pussy were. I could hear her moaning in the background, he handed her they phone and she told he how much he loved her body and told me to to start jacking off and not to cum until he did. He finally put the phone down next to her, so I could listen as he fucked her, our connection was lost shortly after that and she did not return my calls or call me until mid-day the next day. The audio below is not very good, but you can get a feel for what was going on that night...


Dave 2004 - her 2nd black man, a 29 years old from NYC. 6'4" tall, his cock is 11+ inches and he fucked her in a hotel room nearby after meeting us for drinks. He fucked her again a few months later in our bed. He was the first to truly cuckold me, having me prep him and cleanup in front of Lisa.

Here are some of the clips, he's fucked her several times

Clotis 2005 - a 30 something black man who she met at a local bar, I was too tired to go out so she decided to go out alone. She called me at midnight and told me he was big, black and had a 9 inch cock and he wanted to fuck her - and she was going to bring him home. They arrived in her car 20 minutes later, she told me they were going to our bedroom, she invited me in for a brief time but the kicked me out because he wanted her alone. She locked the door, he fucked her for several hours and then they fell asleep together. In the morning he fucked her again and then she had me drive him home.

Luc  2007 a 28 year old local bull who came to our home to meet Lisa for the first time. First experience of being cucked while I was in a chastity device she put on me before he arrived. She liked him enough to give herself to him alone in our guestroom. She took him there after much foreplay in our living room, he fucked her and didn't want to pull out while fucking her from behind, so he decide to cum inside her. He fucked her again in our bed a few months later.

Here's the video...

Keith 2007 - 2nd black man, very dark and muscular, 30 years old, he fucked her in a hotel room nearby our home after meeting him for drinks. He fucked her again later that year in our bed.



Mike 2008 a 33 year old former coworker of Lisa's who had since taken another job and kept in touch with her over the years. She invited him over during the day while I was away on a business trip and our kids were in school.  He fucked her on my desk in my office and came on her ass. She had him take a few photos which she sent me on my cellphone after he left. She invited him back a few months later, (also daytime while I was away) and he fucked her in our bedroom and came on her pussy. He was the one of the few married guys she has fucked.

Nick - 2008 a 25 year old who she met at a bar here in town. We had a small argument and she went out with the clear intention of getting fucked. She met him at a bar and they struck up a conversation. He took her back to his house and fucked her there, she returned at dawn covered in his scent and his sperm.

Charles 2009 - 37 year old local black who she said had the thickest larges cock she has ever experienced up to this point. We met him for drinks and then went back to the hotel room, where she informed me they had planned on spending the night alone. She asked me to leave and pick her up in the morning. He fucked her all night and left several filled condoms on the bed next to her which She emptied them into my hand. She also went to his home several months later in the middle of the day and he fucked her and came in her mouth.

Nate 2010 - a very muscular local well hung 28 year black man who loved older married white women. He fucked her in a hotel room nearby and several other times over the years in hotels as well as in our bed. She really enjoyed him and plans to see him again.

How can it fit inside her

Every inch


Virgil  2010 - 37 year old black bull, 11 inches of black power who fucked her in a hotel nearby and gave her many orgasms. He came on her pussy.


Joe 2011 - I had given Lisa a gift certificate for a massage at a local day spa for our anniversary.  She used it several months later and when she returned home she told me that they asked if she wanted a male of female masseuse. She chose the male, his name was Joe, a big strong man who was about 30 years old. She told me he gave her a full body massage and 'didn't miss a spot' and 'he was really into it' and 'was hot for her'.  I brushed it off as just talk at the time. Then She told me she was making another appointment with him for the following month. Upon her return from that appointment, she told me during the massage, she could tell he was aroused and one thing led to another and he fucked her on the massage table.  She said she sucked him and he eventually came while fucking her doggy style while she was bent over the table.

Marv 2011 - another black bull, 38 years old who wanted her very badly but also wanted to cuckold me in front of her. He had a massive cock and fucked her for several hours. After telling her he wanted to cum inside her while he gave her his full length, she said yes and that is just what he did, releasing two loads in my wife that night. After recovering, he made us both get him hard again and he told her he was going to make me eat his last load before cumming for the 3rd time in my mouth.


His message was received

'TR' 2012 a 23 year old black college student with a thick 9 inch cock. We met him for drinks and he fucked her in a local hotel while I watched. He told her he wanted to cuckold and humiliate me a bit, and after he took off her panties he told her to make me put them on. He came while she rode his cock and they both told me to clean up his mess.

he's working his way inside
She takes 10 inches balls deep

Marco 2012 - a 36 year old local bull, we went to his house to meet for drinks, they made out on the couch and then he took her up to his bedroom. I was told to wait until I could hear her moan before entering the room. When I entered 30 minutes later, Lisa was on her back, legs spread and he was pounding her. He came all over her belly and then he watched after telling me to clean up his load.


Marcus 2012 - a 29 year very well hung old black man who Lisa now sees fairly regularly. He began referring to me as 'Cuck' which is now my name whenever they meet. She has met him alone at hotels and spent the night with him several times. He has completely cucked me and taken my place sexually. She sometimes allows me to have sex with her only after he has fucked her. Since 2012 he now provides her with sex whenever she wants or needs it. He is her current regular bull.

So 24 different men over the past 20 years, having started when she was 32 years old. A little over one new partner every year. Lisa is now 52 and still loves the excitement of seeing other men for sexual companionship. I've been a cuckold husband since the first time she sought sex outside our marriage. Over the years, this has caused much angst for me, but I have come to terms with it all and I now understand my role. Lisa's sexual needs are fulfilled by young men who are more able to satisfy her. As she's gotten older she has become more interested in young guys because they excite her more and have more stamina than older men.
 As for sex between her and I, well, I guess once I accepted her having sex with others, she looks at me more as a cuckold than as a sexual partner. In retrospect, I suppose I should have seen that coming.  By allowing and accepting other men fucking my wife it has become a relinquishing of any sexual competency I may have had in her eyes.