Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The moment I became a cuckold husband

The moment I became a cuckold
Lisa has had many men over the past 20 or so years. I've gotten over the most uncomfortable parts of this and I would say that our marriage is a happy one and otherwise normal. I get it, I understand why I've become a cuckolded husband. The thought of another man having sex with my wife is both gut wrenching and somehow exciting for me.

For me, being a cuckold means I've been rejected and replaced sexually. Another man has taken my place in this most intimate part of our marriage. Seeing her fully accept another man, knowing that he knows that I know that she wants him (and not me) is not easy to accept. I realize that most bulls goal is to fuck my wife and I know the bull couldn't care less about how I feel about that.

When a bull comes into the relationship, he alters an existing bond between two people. There is an emotional bond and a sexual bond in most good marriages. Lisa and I have agreed there should never be anything that interferes or hurts our emotional bond. We both feel that the strong emotional bond is required to give us both the comfort to include a third person in the sexual part of our relationship.
However, the sexual bond is entirely different. Not only CAN the bull break that bond, he MUST break it. Breaking our sexual bond, and then bonding sexually with my wife is the essential part of cuckolding and every bull must understand this.  When it comes to sex, Lisa should think of her bull first and only.

So how does the bull break the sexual bond of a couple?

Believe it or not, in our case it happened when the bull suggested to Lisa that I should be involved. It can happen in many ways I suppose but no matter how it happens the bull must remain in charge. Have the cuckold suck his wife’s breasts or rub her clit when you’re fucking her. Have him grab her ankles and pull her legs wider apart when you’re pumping your cock into her. Have him go down on her before you fuck her, to get her wet and ready. Have him kiss his wife deeply while you make her cum. All these things have led to my cuckolding.

You can do anything you want, as long as he gets involved. At times when he’s doing something be sure tell him to stop and go sit back down. Show him that you’re in control. Another thing to do is tell him to take out his inferior dick out and masturbate while he's watching his wife get fucked. Tell him to cum while watching his wife getting laid. Again, use your imagination, as long as you’re telling him reasonable things to do. Remember, the wife will be watching too, and she will notice how much more dominant you’re becoming.

How does the bull ultimately cuckold the husband?

Once things have progressed to this point the wife should really be into you, and should see you as the Alpha Male. In her eyes, you should have completely replaced her husband in the bedroom. If she still seems to split her allegiance between him and you, or if you just want to take it to a deeper level, consider the ultimate step: making the husband put your cock in his mouth.

Believe it or not this has nothing to do with gay or bi-male sex. It’s strictly about domination. If you’ve ever watched wildlife footage of a wolf pack, you’ve noticed the body language of other males when they’re around the dominant Alpha Male. They maintain a low body stance, and even physically roll over showing their underbelly. They submit completely. Not only does the Alpha Male see this, all of the female wolves notice it too. That’s why the Alpha Male gets the females.
My wife Before, so pretty and neat...
Entry about to begin

He's inside
11 inches of BBC Balls deep

Riding him
Aftermath1, the mess he made

aftermath 2

aftermath 3

Aftermath 4

If you REALLY want the wife to be “yours” sexually, let her watch you being dominant over her husband. When the our true cuckolding started both Lisa and I would have agreed there is no way you could ever get me, her husband to suck the bulls cock. But in our case, in the heat of her passion, this particular bull enlisted her help to get me to do it. When you did get me to do it, I saw how it impressed her and aroused her at the same time. It is truly a power trip for the bull.
In this case, we’re NOT talking about a blowjob. That’s for the Lisa to do. He did this because he wanted my wife to see her own husband take his cock into his mouth.
Once things reached this point, Lisa saw him as the Alpha Male and she saw that I submitted to him. He knew it, Lisa knew it and I knew it.

Here is how it happened to me on that day in 2008

Several years ago (2008) we met this very dominant alpha bull, 30 years old, black with a cock the length of my forearm. This video is our first meeting with him, In fact it is partially comprised of a clip I posted here back in 2008. In that original clip, I edited out the parts you will see here. They were too difficult for me to accept at that time, but after 20 years of seeing my wife enjoy other men, I have come to terms with my lot as a cuckolded husband, The clip begins with foreplay as usual, then my wife reveals his huge black cock and begins to orally satisfy him. I video as she pleases him, quietly watching as things unfold. Moments later she tells me i'm going to 'get involved'. Her bull strokes and taunts me with his 11 inch cock and tells me to look at it, he tells my wife to 'push his head down on it' and moments later he is pushing it into my mouth. My wife, gets on top of my back and pushes my head down on it, then she reaches around and begins stroking it into my throat. He then lifts his BBC back and makes me lick his big black balls in front of my wife. Moments later I think that it is over, as he has turned his attention to my wife again. But instead, he stands up and shoves it in my mouth once again, then lays back and has her feed it to me. She then cuckolds me further, she strokes it into my mouth, as she continues to smile and watch. It is a very rare look at the moment of complete cuckolding and humiliation by my wife and a true bull. It is the beginning of my becoming a full cuckold to her and sub to the bull. This is how a bull cuckolds the husband - once he has gotten the wife to witness her husbands acceptance of another mans' dominance over him, she no longer sees the cuckold as a sexual partner, the bull has taken that from me in this video. In fact it makes you more of a Bull, because dominance is the essence of being the Bull. You're taking charge and asserting your dominance over them both, by demonstrating your dominance over him. Remember one simple fact: The more dominant the bull is over the husband, the more naturally submissive the husband and wife both become. This is the key to the relationship! It naturally reinforces the bulls dominance, and my wife will sexually always respond to that more. Women naturally gravitate toward the most dominant male. Its a part of their instincts, even if they don't realize it! You see when the bull forced me to suck his cock in front of my own wife then he proved to everyone that he's confident, capable and in charge. He proved that I'm willing to submit to him, and that is what makes a bull and what makes a cuck.

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