Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chastized, nuetered and cuckolded

Self portrait, dressed for her date

A few men had contacted me in an effort to meet Lisa as well as  Many  "Wannabe's" - guys who wanted their wives to cuckold them. I really did not understand their desire for this and I always cautioned them on this. If you have been reading this block you know that what has transpired with my wife and I over the past years was not my doing, Lisa initiated this and she is the reason I'm cuckold. I am what I call a "reluctant cuckold". While there are now many exciting aspects of this for me, I have never had much control over how this has progressed. Lisa calls the shots, not me and in fact I have tried many times to reign this in to no avail. It seems that once I gave in and accepted Lisa's needs for extramarital sex, that I also gave up control over how this would evolve. 

Many people who contacted me through yahoo IM wanted to see photos and videos of a real cuckold relationship. I would send short clips from the videos I had taken, or I would post them on some of the yahoo groups from time to time. But I could see that people were fascinated by this and one suggested I post full length clips on a site called clips4sale. I posted a few longer clips there after editing out faces and the response to these posts was very positive. I continue to post videos of our journey there and I feel like I am doing something positive by allowing people to see what it's really like to be in a cuckold relationship. So that is how and why the clips4sale page evolved.

One of the husbands on yahoo IM was a classic "wannabe". His wife had no interest in being with other men, yet he had an obsession with it and wanted to know how he can get his wife into it. My advice was, is, and will always be, be careful what you wish for. This is not something to enter into lightly and it is not something I recommend to anyone. Cuckolding must be initiated by the wife. Once it happens, it changes everything. By accepting it you risk relinquishing  your place as your wife's lover. She sees other men as the object of her sexual desires - not you.

Through our chat's this "wannabe" seemed to begin to live out his fantasy of being cucked vicariously through our videos and our chats, where I would describe Lisas' various meetings with guys. One day he suggested that he would like to buy a Chastity device for me. I had no idea what it was, so he sent a link and I read through it. I told him I would be an idiot to have something like that, and that it would make this worse for me than it already was. The thing was over $100, so I thought he was crazy for wanting to buy this but he insisted and eventually i agreed just to get him to stop asking. While I accept my lot as a cuckold husband, I sometimes regret accepting this 'gift', as it effectively neutered me, gradually, in my wife's eyes over the next several years.

My intention was to take the device and never use it but unfortunately, on the day it arrived I was out of town and Lisa received and opened the package. To my great embarrassment, when I got home, Lisa asked me what it was and so I had to explain the whole thing to her. Her reaction was surprising, she was fascinated by it and told me to put it on.

I reluctantly tried to get it on. As I struggled with it, Lisa was reading the instructions. The device is called a CB3000. It required that my balls be inserted through a ring and my penis be inserted in a sleeve, all of which is designed to keep me from masturbating or having sex. I was totally humiliated as I struggled to put this on, but Lisa was all excited. Once it was on she inserted the lock that came with it and said something like, "this is going to be fun".  She said she wanted me to wear it next time she played.
Locked, first time chastity
first time chastity

So this was clearly something that empowered Lisa and it gave her greater control of me sexually - all of which was an aphrodisiac for her. True to her word, from that point forward, whenever she met someone I was compelled to wear the chastity device.

Over the next several months Lisa was quite active, and she was inspired to cuckold me further by this device.

Her next date was with an old friend who was one of the first men to bed her. She met him alone, invited him to our house while I was out at a family function.  They video taped some of it and took a few photos. I will write about that in my next post which I hope will be soon.
In the meantime here is the link to the clips4sale page if you want to read a bit about it:
Lisa cages hub, then has a friend in our bed

All video's of Lisa with her bulls can be found here: Diary-of-a-real-hotwife

She sent this photo showing my key around her wrist - just  after her date  arrived