Saturday, September 24, 2011

As of this point in 2003, my wife had been fucked by 11 different men during our 15 year marriage - all within the past 3 years or so. Our life together was otherwise very normal and happy. She seemed content with the arrangement and suprisingly, I began to feel more comfortable with what she was doing - even though I didn’t fully understand it. I felt good that she was not a cheater and never lied about what she was doing. In fact, she seemed to enjoy the fact that I knew she was enjoying other men. The fact that she was truthful was good, but I often wondered why she seemed to relish in telling me about the men who she gave herself to and how she seemed to enjoy it so much. After her last encounter she confided that she found it exciting knowing that this man wanted her and that they both got off on calling me and telling me what they were doing.

I sometimes would get the sense that she was in a way saying: these men are enjoying me and pleasing me more than I ever would or could. Having other men want her seemed to affirm her sexuality, she seemed to get a sense of power and sensuality from it. This seemed to excite her and incite her to take things further, And further it would go…

I began to do some research about this sort of thing. What was it that would motivate an otherwise normal, healthy happily married woman, the mother of our 3 children to behave this way? Had I done something to cause this? It was during my research that I first read in detail about the word 'CUCKOLD'. I had heard the term but not fully understood its' meaning. I found that what she was doing had all the signposts of cuckolding. A wife who is sexually promiscuous with the knowledge of her husband. It seemed to matter little if the husband accepted his wife’s infidelity, but it was clear that in the truest sense of the word, it was the wife who was the one to initiate cuckolding. Lisa came into my office one evening while doing this reading, and we had a very frank discussion about what had been going on for the past few years. While she had never known the meaning of the word CUCKOLD, as she read some of the published articles, it was clear to us both that this was now part of our married life.

Lisa was fascinated with the subject and over the next few months I would often find her reading stories and sometimes watching videos on the internet. She never hid it from me, and in fact seemed to enjoy sharing what she was seeing and learning. Many times the videos she watched involved interracial scenes, and while I didn’t think much of it at the time, in retrospect this was a big part of inner desires.
She would sometimes send me links to stories that she found arousing or interesting to her, most of them had cuckold themes or undercurrents. A few examples that stick in my mind are: The wife taking a lover, while the husband waited anxiously at home then returning and denying him, a middle aged wife having sex a young black man who was working at their home, a wife stumbling upon a bachelor party in Vegas and then becoming the entertainment for 10-15 young men.

Cuckolding is all about control, my wife controling her sexuality, and mine as it turns out. Years later I would find out what this was all about and why she was so fascinated by it.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The phone call home

Lisa went to another business function a few month later. It was a 2 day conference and was held at a hotel several hours away. Lisa and all the participants would arrive in the morning, have meetings all day, followed by dinner and drinks. Everyone would be staying over at the conference hotel.

Lisa called me after the day of meetings and said she was getting showered and dressed for dinner. She said the meetings were good and that she had a drink with a few of the guys from a different region before going back to the room . She told me one of them, (Mike) kept telling her he couldn't believe she was 44 years old and had 2 kids. He was 34. This was my clue that something might be brewing. There is always a clue with her.

She called again after dinner, she said she was at the bar with Mike. It was 11PM, he had bought her drinks and Lisa was tipsy again. She told me she was having a good time and she would call me when she got back to her room. An hour later she called again. She said she was in her room, but Mike had invited her to his room for a nightcap and she was going there next. She would call me later 'if she could' .

She called 30 minutes later. She was in his room, I knew what was about to happen so I went to my PC and turned on the recorder so I could capture what she said. She told me she was on the bed with Mike, I could hear him in the background, sucking sounds filtered over the phone line. I asked her what he was doing, she said he was taking off her clothes.

She handed him the phone, he told me I had a very sexy wife, he said 'do you know she's going to be his naughty slut tonight? ' he said she is a naughty girl, that he has really nice tits, he asked when the last time she had another guy was, he told me he was taking off her panties and her pussy was nice and shaved. Lisa was moaning in the background the whole time he is talking to me. I knew that it was not shaved when she left that morning, so she must have anticipated this.

He told me they both wanted each other. She told me he was licking her clit, she was breathless at times during the call. I heard her say something about fingers, 'more fingers' and I thought he must have his fingers inside her. He was licking her pussy and she directed him to her clit. She asked me if I was jacking off right now and if I had cum yet? She starts telling him she wants him to cum all over her chest...I heard the phone drop, the line went dead, then I heard her moan deeply and then she said very clearly, 'Fuck me'.

I called back many times over the next hour but there the call went directly to voicemail. it was no use, I knew he was fucking fucking my wife. I did not sleep much that night.

The next morning she called me before hearding to the 2nd day of meetings. She appologized for missing my calls but she s
aid her battery went dead. I asked her what happened, and she just said 'Your ears must have been ringing all night, he fucked me so good!!'.

The audio is posted here, you can hear for yourself, just what that night was like for me to hear another man as he is about to fuck my wife.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The business function

A few weeks later Lisa went to a business function. After the business meeting and diner, some of her coworkers went to a bar where some former colleagues of hers were planning on meeting. One young man was always a favorite of hers, and in fact I had met him several times and we all got along well. He was 27 years old and single.

The night is a bit of a blur to me but she invited him to our house after they were done at the bar. She surprised me when she walked in the door with him, his hand around her waste, and said 'Look who I found!'.

She had me make them some drinks, even though it was 1AM on a weeknight. We had a good buzz on and Lisa insisted that he not drive home. Lisa told him to come upstairs and she would find him a place to sleep. Our guest room was in disarray because of some remodeling we were doing and knew where this was going...

They went directly into our bedroom and from the kitchen I soon heard her moaning and the bed shaking above me. A few minutes later she called my name and asked me to come upstairs. They were on the bed, her blouse and bra were open, her skirt was up around her waist when I came to the door. His pants were unzipped and his belt was unbuckled She said 'there's nowhere for him to sleep so he's sleeping here', then asked me to bring their drinks up.

When I returned with the drinks she was on her knees on the bed, sucking his cock. She looked up at me and took the drink, took a sip and said thank you, then went right back to sucking him. The guy just looked at me in disbelief, through his hands up as if to say, 'What do you expect me to do?' then his eyes rolled back in his head as my wife continued to suck him.

I turned to leave the room and she stopped me, asked me to sit on the bed next to her. Then She said 'I want you to watch'.

I sat there as she continued to blow him. Soon the rest of their clothes were off and he was fucking her. He continued to fuck her for about 20 minutes i guess and then when it looked like he was ready to cum he slowed down, he turned to me and said 'why don't you fuck her too'...

Lisa said, 'no, don't stop' and she pulled him deeper inside her. A few moments later, groaned loudly, he pulled out of her pussy, rose up and came in my wife's' mouth.

At this point it was late and we all soon fell asleep, Lisa in the middle. He had shot his cum in her mouth and before falling asleep, she kissed me goodnight. This was not just a peck, it was a deep kiss, and she punctuated it by looking me in they eyes, then she smiled and said, 'Taste good...?

The next morning he left very early and Lisa spent the day recovering and relaxing. Although we never discussed it again, we have socialized with him and his (new) wife a few times over the years.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The business aquaintance - He fucks her in my bed

March 2001

A few months passed and Lisa had taken a new position at work. It was a great opportunity and would involve a partnership with a company from the west coast. One of the west coast reps was in town for a conference and Lisa spent a few days working with him. She told me about him after dinner one evening, he was a 28 year old single guy, she said he was very attractive and funny. She told me that the next night they would all be going out to dinner and he would be hading back home the next afternoon.

The next day Lisa looked stunning when she left for work, she wore an above the knee skirt and a fitting blouse with a jacket. She emailed me in the afternoon, reminding me she was going out after work, and told me 'He' would be driving her to the resteraunt and they were going out for drinks after dinner, and 'don't wait up for me'.

Around 11 PM she called from the bar. Everyone else had left, it was just Lisa and him. She had left her car at the office, and she sounded a bit drunk so I told her I would come and get her rather than risk driving home. I heard her talking with him for a few moments and she told me she would call me back in 20 mins. 40 mins passed and she finally called, she was in his car, he was driving her home. She said he would be staying over and please make sure the guest room was ready.

They arrived 20 mins later, Lisa was tipsy, and very playfull. She introduced us and he seemed very nice. Lisa took him to the living room and sat near him on the sofa, she was clearly into him and I had a feeling what was to come of this.

I went to the bedroom and turned on the video camera in anticipation of what was next. Sure enough, when I returned, they were kissing on the sofa, his hand was up Lisa skirt and she was rubbing the substantial bulge in his pants.

Lisa looked up at me and said 'Did you take care of the guest room for me?'.
I said that I had. And with that, she stood up, walked over to me, gave me a kiss and said good night. She then led him by the hand towards the staircase leading up to our bedroom. As they passed me he extended his hand and said 'Thanks, I'll take good care of her, you have a good nite'. They went to our bedroom and closed the door.

I waited and listened for signs of what was happening until i could no longer take it. I went up to the bedroom door and tried to listen, I could hear them talking quietly and laughing, a few moans as well. I reached for the doorknob, it was locked. Finally I knocked and lisa came and opened the door and told me to come in.

She was wearing a see thru nighty, he was laying on the bed - on my side, his belt buckle open.
I sat at the edge of the bed for a moment, Lisa leaned over and kissed him and reached for his crotch.
Lisa looked over at me and said she was having fun, "why don't you go get some sleep in the guest room". She leaned over and helped him take his shirt off as I made my way out of the bedroom.
I knew my prescence was no longer welcome and that she wanted to be alone with him.
For the next 2 hours I heard nothing but moans and screams of exctacy coming from our bedroom. The rythmic sound of the headboard banging against the wall. I spent the night restlessly listening to this guy fucking my wife in my bed. Finally things quieted down around 3AM and I fell asleep, still wondering what had happened.

I woke up a few hours later, the house was quiet. I went to the bedroom door and heard nothing, then went to the kitchen to make coffee. A few minutes later I heard Lisa moaning again. The headboard began to quietly bang again, that sound is unmistakable. In rythm with his thrusts, I knew each sound meant his cock was driving into my wife.

Lisa emerged from the bedroom a few minutes later and made her way to the kitchen. She wore his unbuttoned shirt and nothing else. Through the opening in the shirt I saw his dried sperm on her tits and belly. She said she was worn out, that he was great and she was sorry he had to go back home that night. She thanked me for leaving them alone, she told me he wanted her alone and was not comfortable with me in the room.

She went to shower and they soon both got in his car and went to the office. Lisa exchanged phone #s and emails with him for a few months but they never saw each other again.

I watched the video later and saw much of what happened that night. The light was low but it was very clear that Lisa wanted to be fucked and she got what she wanted.
To this day she thinks he was one of her best lovers and since this was the first to fuck her alone in our bed, he has left an indelible impression on me as well.