Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lisa in the guest bedroom

Lisa is in every sense a typical housewife and mom. You would more likely expect to see her in the grocery store or at the mall then expect that she would have this intense sexual desire for other men. But there it is, and I've accepted her desires and needs and although I have pangs of jealousy from time to time, I know that we are happy together it's just that her sexual needs are being taken care of by other men. I often wonder what these men think about her, what they think about me. Do they think she is just a slut? Some do I suspect. Others I'm sure are just happy to have sex with such a sexually charged older woman. As for me, I'm sure some pity me - although I have gotten past that point already. I think many of them get turned on by the fact that they are fucking my wife right in front of me. They are superior to me sexually and they know it, and Lisa certainly knows it, and most important - they know that I know it. This does lead to feelings of inferiority and submissiveness on my part, which I am often struggling with at this time. We seemed to be in a pretty comfortable routine at this point. Every few months Lisa would give me an indication that her Libido was up and that I should arrange for someone to meet. Although it may seem strange to most readers, I was comfortable in doing this - finding men who my wife would enjoy having sex with. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was becoming conditioned to be a cuckold. Perhaps Lisa subconsciously realized what she was doing, gradually and subtly cuckolding me over time until which point I would completely embrace the arrangement until it became a normal state of marriage for us. Having had a taste of interracial sex it seemed to me as if this was going to be her preference from now on. I asked her how she felt about it and she told me that it was exciting to have sex with a black man, the taboo nature of it kind of turned her on. Lisa said it turned her on to give it up to a black man while I watched. We both have a traditional and conservative background and this was nothing close to traditional, so it allowed her to be naughty, but without being bad, because I knew about it and was there watching it. A few months passed and once again she gave me notice that she was ready for some fun. Several men had contacted us through yahoo instant messenger and one stood out as a good candidate. I have gotten very good at screening the men, weeding out the fakes and the wannabees from quality bull material. We are looking for assertive men, men who have some experience and of course size matters as it always has.
Her appetite for young men, boys really, was very obvious to me. As I would show her photos of possible candidates, Lisa would always rule out older men. The young ones, muscular with very large cocks are the ones that drew her attention. We had the house to ourselves one Saturday in March and we arranged to meet a young man who seemed like a good fit. He was 28 and Lisa was attracted to his photos, his cock was large and thick and Lisa told me to arrange to meet him. So we planned on meeting him for a drink to see if the chemistry was right for the 2 of them. Late that afternoon Lisa told me to ask him if he wanted to come to our house instead of meeting at the bar.
We called him and He agreed to come over at 9:30.
The next few hours were spent preparing for her date. Lisa showered, which is now always followed by a shave her private parts for her date. She is very meticulous about this, always making sure that I shave her clean and completely bald for her dates. As I do this, she teases me, saying things such as, 'how do you feel shaving my pussy for another man?' Lisa has a beautiful pussy really, there are 2 folds concealing a very full clit which is partially hooded until she is aroused. Once aroused it becomes erect for direct stimulation, her lips are inviting and open easily. The entrance to her pussy is tight, but it accommodates large cocks within a few seconds of entry. I feel this is some biological adaption to allow easy access to her G spot. Stimulation to her G spot and direct pressure to her cervix is what makes my wife orgasm. Indeed, when a man is able to reach her cervix with his cock, Lisa has the most intense and almost instantaneous orgasms. I have never come close to being able to reach that spot but others have and it is quite amazing. Lisa has wide hips and a 'thick' but incredibly curvy body that seems to bring out the animal instinct in many men. Needless to say, She makes very good use of her physical attributes to arouse her man. At 9:30 the doorbell rang. We had some wine in the kitchen and chatted a bit, they seemed to hit it off well. Soon she brought him into the family room and told me to leave them alone. I went up to our bedroom and watched unnoticed as they began to get comfortable together. I grabbed our video camera and started to watch and film as they began the night of passion. On the sofa they made out and fondled each other, his hands all over her body, under her blouse, and inside her pants. I could hear her heavy breathing and moaning as she become more excited. She suddenly sat up and took off her blouse and then unclasped her bra, I saw her heavy full breasts fall from the cups as her young Friend looked at her in awe.
She took off her pants, her round ass was clad only in a sexy thong she had me choose for her earlier in the evening. She sat on his lap and they made out as things heated up. A few moments later, Lisa was leading him up to one of our guest rooms. This was odd in that I expected her to bring him to our master bedroom to allow me to watch, as had been the plan. But without as much as a word to me, they went to the guest room and soon their bodies were entangled on the bed. As I was down the hall in our bedroom as they came up the stairs. I walked down the hall to the guest room to listen. The door was left partially open and I began to video what was taking place. Lisa had her hand and mouth wrapped around his cock. He was looking at her as she slowly and deliberately stroked and sucked his cock. After a few minutes Lisa was on her back, legs spread, as he licked and fingered her clean shaven pussy. Moments later, he positioned the head of his cock at the opening between my wife's legs and slowly thrust. She gasped. His thrusts began to gradually quicken. Lisa's had pulled him deeper, with each thrust I heard the slapping of their bodies and moaning. He pulled Lisa to the side of the bed, her ass and legs dangling off the edge, he stood up spread her legs wide and fucked her. Moments later, she positioned herself on all fours in the doggy position. Her ass high, her back arched, she invited him to fuck her. He took hold of her hips and slid inside himself my wife again. Anyone who has fucked Lisa knows that This position is almost impossible to maintain with my wife for any length of time. The combination of visual and physical stimulation seems to buckle most men in just a few minutes. Seeing her ass up high and her pussy devour every inch of their cock is more than most men can take. As I watched, I knew all this and this young man was about to learn what I already knew. After 5 or ten minutes in this position, he began fucking her faster and harder and I knew he would soon explode. He pulled her hips back against himself and held her there. I heard him say 'I shot it in you' as he continued to fuck her. All this happened as I watched from the doorway. As they uncoupled I moved away from the doorway and back to the master bedroom. A few minutes later Lisa came in, naked, she had a huge smile on her face. I asked her where she had been, (as if I didn't know), she said 'I've been getting fucked'. She straddled me on the bed, kissed me and said 'He's good!'. She creeped up onto my chest, then straddled my face and said 'Taste anything?' Indeed, I did. She went back to the guest room and brought him to our master bedroom where she blew him hard again and then he fucked her in several different positions. As he fucked her, he told me to hold her hand. It was as if he wanted to send me a message: "I'm fucking your wife, in your bed, hold her hand as I cuckold you". This message became chrystal clear to me when Lisa embraced it - she reached out her hand and told me to hold it while his cock was still inside her. I held her hand and felt her body shake as he fucked her, a few minutes later she ogasmed just as he pulled out and spilled a second load all over her belly. He looked at me and said, 'You can't statisfy her, but I can' as the last few drops of sperm dripped from the head of his cock onto my wife's soft white belly.

Here are 2 small clips from that evening.

This was a very exciting night for us all. From the the unexpected request for privacy, to the unexpected creampie and then her having sex with him in our bed while holding my hand. I realized that all these little things add to Lisa's excitement, and I must admit although I have feelings of angst when another man is fucking my wife, it does excite me to realize how much she turns them on and how much she wants them.