Saturday, May 7, 2011

Close to home (part 2) - No turning back

After I returned to the room that night things heated up quickly, my wife was soon on the bed, on her knees in front of him. I could only see her head moving up and down and subtle sucking sounds. They were oblivious to my presence as I moved around the room. I soon saw why my wife was so into what she was doing...his cock was at least 9 inches and incredibly thick. She continued to blow him at he pulled her hair away from her face, he clearly wanted to show me how my wife was sucking his cock. He bucked his hips and held her head as my wife sucked away. After a few minutes, she stood up asked to me to pour her some wine, took a sip and then got back on the bed, this time stradeling him. He reached down and positioned his huge cock at the lips of my wife's pussy. It's hard to describe my feelings at that moment...I knew what was about to happen, there was no stopping it now. He was going to fuck my wife and there was nothing I could do about it. His cock was absolutely huge, he stroked it and then began to enter her with a slow push... I could hear Lisa moan. He pulled his hands away and grabbed Lisas' hips and guided her down on his tool. Afer 2 or 3 strokes he was all the way inside her. I could see his big balls but the rest of his shaft was deep inside Lisa. I thought about how much sperm must be in there and then wondered if he was going to pull out before he came. We had never talked about that. Soon Lisa was rocking her hips in synch with her lover and he began to fuck her furiously. On one long stroke, his cock missed the mark and fell out, I could see my wifes juices dripping down his shaft, and I knew she had never been this excited with me. I also could see Lisas' pussy, it was glitening with moisture, but I also noticed her pussy lips were open wide, he was stretching her pussy with the thickness of his cock, she was adapting, changing, right before my eyes. Lisa quickly reach down postioned his cock at the open lips of her vagina, then slid down the length of his shaft with a loud exhaling moan. He continued to fuck her in this position alternately sucking and playing with her DD tits and running his hands all over her wide hips. He soon turned her over and began fucking her on her back furiously. I could hear his balls slapping her bottom as he completed each long stroke. He turned her over and she got on all 4s. She spread her legs and grabbed some pillows to rest her midsection on, raising her ass for him to have easy access. He fucked her this way for several minutes, all the time grabbing handfulls of her ass. When he pulled out how huge he really was, when they started he was even fully hard. He turned her over again and held her legs up as he fucked her. My wife wass screaming with extacy, her big tits bouncing with each of his deep thrusts. A few moments later he groaned loudly, abruptly pulled out and exploded all over my wife's pussy and belly. I saw Lisa reach down and stroke his cock as he continued to empty his balls. Spurts of sperm splashed Lisas pussy, belly and even her tits. This was the first time I really saw my wife make another man cum. I noticed his cum had created a small lake in her belly-button, I thought that was odd. His cum was still leaking from his cock and had covered her pussy. He put his cock at the opening and pressed the head betwen the folds of Lisas stretched pussy. I was greatfull that he pulled out, not knowing how I would feel if another man's sperm were to be swimming inside my wife. Lisa was satisfied, she had satisfied her man. She was elated and exhausted as she lay on the bed covered with his cum. She rubbed it into her skin, her tits, belly and pussy. I didn't say a word, I was really just stunned by what I had just witnessed. There was no remorse on her part, just the afterglow of good sex. In fact she has seen the young man in this article many times since, and she tells me that each time better than the previous. I knew at that moment there was no turning back, my wife would be meeting men for a long long time and I had better get used to it. After this meeting Lisa was clearly hooked on continuing to play. She told me afterwards that she had never cum so hard in her life and she really felt sexually alive when she was with him. She loved the fact that he appreciated her mature body and her curves and was turned on by the fact that he was many years younger than her. Something about turning on a younger man seems to float her boat. She explained that she was even more excited knowing i was watching her. For the first time, Lisa had allowed me to take our video camera to this meeting. I captured much of what I descibed here and published an edited copy of it for those that have asked to be a part of it. You can find this clip on page three ("My wife fucks in front of me") as well as many others of Lisa's adventures here...