Monday, December 26, 2011

After A very brief lull

There was a brief lull after the last encounter, during which I began to believe that my wife had gotten this out of her system. I was very wrong. She brought up the subject one evening after we went out to dinner with some freinds. She asked me if I thought anyone of our freinds wives did what she did...What would they think if they knew that she had sex with other men, and that I accepted it. It was a rhetorical question, she did not really expect an answer, and I certainly had none. But it made me realize how unusual our marriage had become, at least the sexual aspect of it. The rest of our married life was as normal as any other.

She then told me that she thought I had been wonderful at helping her find suitable partners, that I should devote more effort to this so that she could continue to enjoy this new found freedom. She told me it made her feel sexy and alive to get the sexual attention from other men. She told me it excited her to have me there watching her, she felt very much in control and safe at the same time. I agreed that it was working out well for her and i would post ads to find people she would like to meet.

After posting several ads, I began to get emails and contact requests on yahoo IM. Many were from husbands who wanted their wives to have sex with other men. They asked for advice, I would always respond that I had wife is the one that wanted this, not me. I told them to be careful what they wished for. It seems there are alot of husbands in this catagory - wanna bees. Franlkly I do not understand this at all.

I realized that there is a very fundamental difference between a husband who encourages his wife to have sex with other men, and a husband whose wife has sex with other men on her own initiative. For Lisa, there were 2 things that motivated her to change the sexual nature of our marriage. First and foremost was her strong sex drive and her inability to have vaginal orgasms with a 'small' cock. To some women I guess size isn't important. For Lisa, it seems that only a big cock can give her the powerful orgasms that she likes. Secondly, meeting men reaffirmed her sexuality and her feeling desirable, which hightened her sexual desires and motivation to be with other men even further.

I placed some ads on swinger sites. I posted just a few and the response was overwhelming. So many men were interested in seeing what it was like to be a 'cuckold'. It also generated interest from hundreds of men who wanted to fuck my wife. I began screening them through chats and through photo exchanges. I knew what Lisa wanted, and I would not let her settle for men who were not to her liking. If I didn't choose wisely, that would disapoint her and whatever sexual value I had as her husband would be diminished by making bad choices.

I would show her the photos of men I thought might be suitable and she would choose who she was interested in meeting. Alot of black men were interested in her and when I showed her the photos, she invariably was chosing black men, or men with great physiques and large cocks. When I say large, she wanted the hugest ones. Always 8-12 inches were the preference. She told me she was always attracted to black men, the taboo nature of having sex with them. She told me that it would be exciting for her that I would be watching her, that I would watch a black man take her and please her sexually.

Things began to change rapidly. She went out one evening alone while I was out visiting with some freinds. I came home around 11 PM and she was still not home. She had gone to a bar in town and text me around 11:15 saying she had met someone, she would be home later. 30 mins later another text. She was leaving the bar - with him.
She said 'he's 26 and he wants me, I'm going to his place'.

She texted me again at 1:30 and said 'I will see you in the morning'

I lay in bed thinking what was most likely happening at that very moment. I admit that I masterbated while thinking of this. I knew he was fucking her and I could not stop it. I had no way to find her and even if I did nothing could stop it now, she had made up her mind.

She came home at 5am. Disheveled and worn out. I had not slept but was in bed waiting for her. She took off her clothes and lay next to me. I could smell his cologne on her. She asked if I was awake, I asked her where she had been, and she just said...'he fucked me'. I asked who 'he' was, where did she meet him, why didn't she just come home. She said his name is Nick, he's 26 and he took her to his house where he lived with 2 freinds. His freinds went to bed, and she went to his room and he fucked her for several hours.

She got on top of me and pulled my hand down between her legs, and said 'do you feel that?' Her pussy was slippery and soaked. She pushed rolled over, spread her legs and pulled me close, her hand went between her legs then came back up and she pushed her finger into my mouth, saying 'that's what we did'. Then she gently pushed my head down between her legs. She said 'I want you to lick me'. There was no question she had been with a man from the scent of cologne on her body. Now there was no question that he had fucked her, her pussy tasted salty, I new what it was, but could not beleive this was happening. She held my head, bucked her hips and said 'Eat it, do you taste it?'. As I licked her, she told me he came twice, she said she made a 26 year old cum, that it was the most exciting thing she ever felt, 'do you taste his cum?' I said nothing.

She pulled me up towards her and guided me inside her. her pussy was different, it was very loose, it was obviously filled with his cum, and as i pressed inside her she told me 'his cum is in there, you know'. I could take no more and within a few seconds I exploded inside her. She lay there for a few minutes, then She rolled over stradeled my face and said 'lick me again, make me cum'.

I knew she had not orgasmed with me, but I also knew that she knew I had cum while inside her-and here she was stradeling my face. She said 'I want you taste your cum', she spread her legs and began to rock back and forth. She was not taking no for an answer, and I was in no position to argue, she smiled, and her eyes rolled back in her head as i licked her pussy. A few minutes later she orgasmed, and as she did she kept saying 'eat it, eat it'. She seemed to be enjoying my discomfort in a way I can't really explain. I didn't know why she would want this, I had no idea really, but it excited her in a way I had never seen before. The next day she slept until 3PM and said nothing of the night before. She never saw that guy again as far as I know.