Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Cuckolding excalates

My wife is in her early 40's at this point and her sex drive is in overdrive. She has been having me find men for her, she has spontaneously met men while we were on vacations, and she gone out and found men on her own. In a previous post you will read that the last man she met was a tall muscular young black man - she basically met him at a bar, brought him home and took him to our bed and fucked him.

We talked about this was all very innocent when it started that night, she was restless and wanted to get out of the house. She had a few drinks, one thing led to another, he told her that he wanted her, she told him she was married - he didn't care. He invited her to his place but she didn't feel that would be a safe choice, so she brought him to our home. He made it clear once he got here that he wanted her alone, he wanted her in our bed and she gave in to what he wanted. She apologized for having to lock me out of the bedroom, but she said it was 'necessary' for him to feel comfortable.

She said felt that although she had been inconsiderate to me, he was very good and that she felt totally satisfied. I asked how he had satisfied her and she said he had 9 inches and was rock hard all night. She said she thought black men were sexy and she always was attracted to them but was not often in a situation where she could indulge her fantasy. That night she said she decided she was 'going for it'.

Over the next several months I continued to screen suitors who wanted to meet Lisa. Although it may not seem it, Lisa is very particular about who she wants to meet. Many of the ones who contacted us were black, it seemed that her body type appealed to them in a very big way. Her porcelain white skin, her meaty small frame, her curvy shape, wide hips and full breasts attracted them in droves. I would show her photos of the ones I thought she might be interested - they were all hugely endowed, every one over 8 inches, (some as large as 12 inches). Most were not her type, she likes classy men and many who contacted us just didn't seem to have that trait. Eventually after a few weeks, I found what she was looking for, she saw his photos and agreed to meet. He was 30 years old, very tall, medium dark skin and had an enormous cock, 11 inches was what he told me, and it looked every bit of it from the photos.

We agreed to meet at the local Hilton hotel which had a nice lounge area for the two of them to get acquainted. Lisa had been fucked there several times before so the surroundings would be comfortable for her. To make a long story short, we had a few drinks at the bar, Lisa leaned over and told me to pay the bill, and she said I should go get the room. The 3 of us went towards the front desk, I paid for the room, Lisa and her new Friend standing nearby.

I told Lisa the room number and started walking towards the elevators, when Lisa stopped and asked me to get her bag from the car. She asked me for the key, pressed the elevator button, said "Take your time" and gave me a kiss.

I remember turning around and seeing the look on the guys face who had just checked me into the hotel. He had clearly been watching what happened in the lobby - my wife was going to the room with the 6'2" black guy.

A few minutes later after retrieving her bag, I took the elevator to our floor and knocked on the door. Her new Friend opened the door, Lisa was sitting on the bed, still fully clothed. Lisa took the bag into the other room and said she was going to change into something more comfortable.

While she was getting changed, I sat on a chair while her new friend walked about the room, telling me how sexy she and saying he was going to fuck her all night. Then he walked over to where I sat, unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out and said 'your wife is going to love this big black cock'.  Stunned at the size, I just stared for a moment.  His cock was literally as long as my forearm and I began to think that this was going to be more than Lisa can handle. He stood in front of me, stroked his cock and said 'and you're going to taste it first cuck', he then reached behind my head, told me to open my mouth and he shoved his cock. As he looked down he said, 'That's what your wife is going to get', then he pulled away and zipped his pants.

Moments later Lisa came out wearing a sexy outfit. They chatted briefly and soon she was on the bed, their sexual passion for each other was clear for me to see. The rest of the night is sort of a blur. He fucked her in many different positions, she sucked his cock and they both came multiple times. He took great pleasure in showing me how he liked fucking my wife, he would slowly sink his enormous member into my wife and then alternate with hard deep thrusts.

After an hour or two they took a break and Lisa went into the restroom for a moment. He was laying on the bed stroking his cock, telling me what a good fuck Lisa was.  He said she was his slut now and she loved his big cock. He stoked his cock and said 'Get over here cuck and keep this hard for your wife'.  He pushed my head down on his member and said 'all that black cock was just in your wife'.  Lisa returned and saw what he was doing to me and said to him, 'I see you are keeping him busy, Good Job!'

She grabbed the camera and video taped this and took some photos as well. He thrust himself up while pushing my head down, telling Lisa he wanted me to gag on it. This seemed to excite Lisa and she put her hand behind my head and told me to suck it. This lasted several minutes, until finally he pulled his cock out and slapped my face with it and said he was ready to fuck my wife again.

Lisa took the full length of his cock, which was somewhat hard to believe. She told me later that the feeling of the head of his dick pushing against her cervix made her orgasm. This is the feeling that she craves as I have since found out. Some women orgasm with stimulation to their clit, Lisa cums with deep penetration and stimulation of her G spot. These are all things I learned by watching her having sex with other men. They're able to make her cum because of their size, this is something I just don't possess.
He came on her face

They had sex until about 2AM, until they both were exhausted. They were sprawled across the bed, and I climbed in next to my wife, her Friend on the the other side of her. We turned off the lights and slept. At daybreak I was woken by the unmistakable moans of my wife and the shaking of the bed.  He had Lisa on her side, her right leg lifted, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy from behind. With each thrust I could feel Lisa's body shake and soon got up and grabbed the camera.  The room was still dark so I turned on the night setting and I could clearly see everything through the viewfinder.  Lisa was riding him, sliding her stretched pussy up and down the full length of his rigid cock. She asked me to apply some lube for them and I did as she asked, coating the length of his shaft as it slide out of her. Soon she was on all fours, taking his cock until he pulled out and came all over her ass.  I could see his cum drip down the crack of her ass and wondered if I should get her a towel.

He dressed and left shortly afterward. Lisa was worn out and tired and went to sleep for about 2 hours. She woke and told me she needed to be fucked again. Lisa pulled me close, opened her legs and guided me in. As I entered her she whispered in my ear 'How does it feel? He stretched me out for you, how does it feel?' Indeed, even though we had not had sex together in a long time I could feel the looseness. She whispered, 'how did you like seeing him fuck me like I was a slut? Now fuck me like I'm a whore, fuck me like a slut'. She saw that I became so excited by this and then told me 'I'm so stretched I can't feel you, fuck me deeper'. I began to think about his cock being inside her and I tried my best to go deep. As I fucked her as deep as I could, she said 'he hit places you can't even reach'.  With that, she pulled away and told me to jerk off until I cum. As I masturbated she said 'You know he fucked your wife better than you can, how does that feel? How do you feel about that?' I came within seconds and Lisa smiled and said 'good job, let's try to get together with him again real soon'. And we did...

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