Friday, March 9, 2012

sexually empowering another man

After her last two meetings we talked about where things were going. Over the past 2 months, She had picked up and fucked a 26 year old at his house and had brought home a young black guy and had sex with him in our bedroom after locking me out.

Lisa explained to me how she felt sexy and excited by meeting these 2 men on her own. She said it made her feel good to know that younger men were still attracted to her and that they still wanted and desired her sexually. She told me how she often felt like she had lost her appeal to the opposite sex and was just a wife and a mom. As much as I tried to tell her that this was not the case, she needed affirmation from other men, and she sought it out and of course she found it.

She went on to explain what went on when she met them, and how she decided that she wanted them to fuck her. She was care full not to say too much and clearly wanted to spare my feelings but she wanted me to understand this for some reason.

She said the 26 year old had approached her while she sat at the bar and they made friendly small talk. He noticed her wedding ring and asked where her husband was. She said he was home, and that she was out by herself. He said that it was hot that

she was married and out alone and they talked about that for quite awhile. She told me that he seemed very intrigued by that fact that she was married, and this began to excite her alot. He started to flirt with her, telling her how sexy she was and touching her back and putting his hand on her bare leg. As this transpired she said she had such a feeling of excitement. This young man knew she was married and was obviously turned on by this. This, she said 'made her hot'.

He started asking provocative would her husband feel if he knew men were hitting on her? Would her husband mind if he knew she was with a younger guy? This type of conversation went on for about an hour with him. She pulled out her phone and sent me a text which basically said she had met someone, and would not be coming home. Then she showed him the text message she had just sent me. She said he paid the bar bill immediately - and they left together for his place.

Once they got to his place, they quickly moved to the bedroom. She told me that as they had sex he would say things about me...your husband can't fuck you the way you need to be fucked.

A big part of the excitement was the fact that he knew she was married, AND he knew that I knew that she was with him. She felt he was confident, assertive and self assured. He knew he was fucking another mans' wife, and it turned him on to do it. It turned her on to see him in control, and taking what was mine, but she knew she would return to me but didn't have to explain or apologize for what had happened.

I realized that she was explaining to me how I had been cuckolded that night. She was also telling me why she was cuckolding me. Lisa found it exciting to sexually empower another man over me. My wife felt empowered by giving herself to him. This is what I have learned about being a cuckold. For us it is all about sexual control and power.

Lisa and the men she beds have the control and power - and that is what excites her.