Friday, September 18, 2015

Cuckold Hub Gets Fed Bull Cum

Another hotel date, another night of cuckolding...Some background info first: The video is two parts of the same recent date. After fucking Lisa for several hours earlier in the evening, my wife and her bull sleep peacefully for several hours. I left the camera running and it captured the moments shortly before and after he left the hotel. Her bull needed to be at work early, so he set his alarm for 6 AM. When he woke, he also woke up Lisa and began to get his last licks in. He was laying next to her, both of them naked, spooning and soon began penetrating her. I lay next them, in my shorts, still locked in chastity and pretended to be asleep, but a few moments later, he noticed I had moved and he told me to lick her as he fucked her on her side. You can't see any of that part because we were under the covers. So this clip begins as he tells me lay on my back, Lisa quickly straddles my face, and her bull moves into position behind her to mount her doggy style. His black balls dangle near my face, he instructs me to "Stick it in...BITCH". I position his black cock at the entry to my wife's wet pussy and he begins to slowly work his way inside her. A few moments latter he is fucking her furiously, I can hear his balls slapping against Lisa's clit, as she moans with each powerful thrust of his BBC. He slows down, pulls her hips back towards his rigid member and drives his BBC deep, causing her to gasp as he reaches the opening of her womb. He continues fucking my wife passionately and he tells me to "Lick my balls...BITCH". I do as he asks, licking his big black balls over and over for him each time he partially withdraws his cock from my wife's pussy. His pace begins to quicken, Lisa tells him, "Do it, Do it, Do it!" He replies. "Ok, you got it" and begins to pund her furiously again. Moments later, he explodes for the second time inside my wife. the first part of the video ends there...

 The second part begins just after He left our hotel room. Both Lisa and I were wide awake from what had just happened. Lisa asked me to open the black-out shades to let in the morning light and Lisa and I lay on the bed. She allowed me to remove my chastity lock and the second part picks up as I began to masturbate laying next to her. She told me to put my finger in her pussy to feel what he had left for me. I could tell she was getting aroused again, and Lisa unexpectedly gets up and straddles my face. She positions her pussy at my mouth, I know what she I begin to lick her. At first I did not detect anything very different, but within a few moments, Lisa begins to moan and grind her pussy against my face and mouth. Her full breasts heave, her hips, thighs and belly begin to tense. Seconds later, She leans back and orgasms powerfully. We can see her shapely body shaking and gently convulsing as she straddles my face.

At that moment, a flood of her bulls sperm is released from its' place deep inside my wife. I gasp, my arms flail as I struggle beneath her, as his seed seeps from her. Unable to move, I eat the meal her bull has left and she has just fed me.

You can see the entire move here Cuckold Hub Gets Fed Bull Cum 1

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  1. Powerfully written the final part! As a husband who cleans his wife regularly i can relate to the feelings going through you at that point!

    I don't know if i am jumping to conclusions (If i am i apologize) but did you kiss afterwards? I personally feel like i have "reclaimed" my wife after eating her clean and then kissing without brushing my teeth yet


  2. Wow, you are full blown cuck, arent you ashamed? You know your wife cant really respect you as a man after seeing thugs dominate you like that.

  3. Wow, you are full blown cuck, arent you ashamed? You know your wife cant really respect you as a man after seeing thugs dominate you like that.

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