Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chastized, nuetered and cuckolded

Self portrait, dressed for her date

A few men had contacted me in an effort to meet Lisa as well as  Many  "Wannabe's" - guys who wanted their wives to cuckold them. I really did not understand their desire for this and I always cautioned them on this. If you have been reading this block you know that what has transpired with my wife and I over the past years was not my doing, Lisa initiated this and she is the reason I'm cuckold. I am what I call a "reluctant cuckold". While there are now many exciting aspects of this for me, I have never had much control over how this has progressed. Lisa calls the shots, not me and in fact I have tried many times to reign this in to no avail. It seems that once I gave in and accepted Lisa's needs for extramarital sex, that I also gave up control over how this would evolve. 

Many people who contacted me through yahoo IM wanted to see photos and videos of a real cuckold relationship. I would send short clips from the videos I had taken, or I would post them on some of the yahoo groups from time to time. But I could see that people were fascinated by this and one suggested I post full length clips on a site called clips4sale. I posted a few longer clips there after editing out faces and the response to these posts was very positive. I continue to post videos of our journey there and I feel like I am doing something positive by allowing people to see what it's really like to be in a cuckold relationship. So that is how and why the clips4sale page evolved.

One of the husbands on yahoo IM was a classic "wannabe". His wife had no interest in being with other men, yet he had an obsession with it and wanted to know how he can get his wife into it. My advice was, is, and will always be, be careful what you wish for. This is not something to enter into lightly and it is not something I recommend to anyone. Cuckolding must be initiated by the wife. Once it happens, it changes everything. By accepting it you risk relinquishing  your place as your wife's lover. She sees other men as the object of her sexual desires - not you.

Through our chat's this "wannabe" seemed to begin to live out his fantasy of being cucked vicariously through our videos and our chats, where I would describe Lisas' various meetings with guys. One day he suggested that he would like to buy a Chastity device for me. I had no idea what it was, so he sent a link and I read through it. I told him I would be an idiot to have something like that, and that it would make this worse for me than it already was. The thing was over $100, so I thought he was crazy for wanting to buy this but he insisted and eventually i agreed just to get him to stop asking. While I accept my lot as a cuckold husband, I sometimes regret accepting this 'gift', as it effectively neutered me, gradually, in my wife's eyes over the next several years.

My intention was to take the device and never use it but unfortunately, on the day it arrived I was out of town and Lisa received and opened the package. To my great embarrassment, when I got home, Lisa asked me what it was and so I had to explain the whole thing to her. Her reaction was surprising, she was fascinated by it and told me to put it on.

I reluctantly tried to get it on. As I struggled with it, Lisa was reading the instructions. The device is called a CB3000. It required that my balls be inserted through a ring and my penis be inserted in a sleeve, all of which is designed to keep me from masturbating or having sex. I was totally humiliated as I struggled to put this on, but Lisa was all excited. Once it was on she inserted the lock that came with it and said something like, "this is going to be fun".  She said she wanted me to wear it next time she played.
Locked, first time chastity
first time chastity

So this was clearly something that empowered Lisa and it gave her greater control of me sexually - all of which was an aphrodisiac for her. True to her word, from that point forward, whenever she met someone I was compelled to wear the chastity device.

Over the next several months Lisa was quite active, and she was inspired to cuckold me further by this device.

Her next date was with an old friend who was one of the first men to bed her. She met him alone, invited him to our house while I was out at a family function.  They video taped some of it and took a few photos. I will write about that in my next post which I hope will be soon.
In the meantime here is the link to the clips4sale page if you want to read a bit about it:
Lisa cages hub, then has a friend in our bed

All video's of Lisa with her bulls can be found here: Diary-of-a-real-hotwife

She sent this photo showing my key around her wrist - just  after her date  arrived

Friday, November 30, 2012

While I'm away, Lisa plays

Around this time I was traveling extensively for work and Lisa was often alone during the week, working and taking care of the household chores and of course the kids. I was on the west coast alot and would always call home each evening to see how things were and catch up on current events.

Lisa was still working at the time and although her job was quite demanding she did have a great deal of flexibilty so she sometimes worked at home rather than going to the office. One evening I called home,  Lisa, she was in bed relaxing. We chit chatted for a bit and I sensed something was weird. A moment or two later, she said, "were your ears ringing this afteroon?...". I had a feeling something was up and she was about to confirm it.

She went on to tell me she worked from home today, and that "Mike" stopped by the house. "Mike" was a former collegue of hers who went on to other things, but had kept in touch with Lisa since leaving the company they both worked for. She explained they had been in touch via email and he was in the area and she invited him over to have lunch. She said he brought a bottle of wine...they ate and drank, she hoped I didn't mind...  I asked the question that I already knew the answer to, "Did anything else happen?"

She told me she needed to use my office computer to look something up for him.  While she was sitting at my desk he began to rub her back, and one thing led to another...She told me she never intended anything to happen, and it was totally unplanned and she would explain when I returned home. She hoped I was not upset.

When I returned home that Friday evening she spilled about what had happened earlier in the week. While she was sitting at my desk, Lisa had told him her back was stiff and he replied that he gives great massages and began massaging her back. Soon his hands were wandering past her back, to her waist, and around her neck. He unbuttoned her blouse and kissed her, she leaned over on my desk and he lifter her skirt.

In the end he said they had sex un my desk, she told me she was very horny and could not stop, especially after having a fwe glasses of wine. Since he was married and Lisa had met his wife, this was totally out of character for her. She never did anything with married men, so I assumed it was the wine tipped things in his favor.

While I was upset, I told her that I understood how this could happen, but we had an agreement that I would always be with her when she is with someone and that it seemed like that is no longer going to be the case. She just smiled, she kissed me, handed me our camera and said "it was as if I was there". Then she told me she had him take a few pictures - for me - and if I didn't want to see them she would just delete them.

When I looked at the photos it was apparent that He had fucked her on my desk, from behind and had cum all over her ass. Every time I sit at that desk I can't help but visualize this guy fucking my wife while I was on the other side of the county.

Although she said she would never do it again, he did end up fucking her again, several months later under similar circumstances. However, she took him to our bed that time and did not take any photos.

Here are a few of the photos.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The massage

Lisa was quite stressed with the pressures of work so I bought her a gift certificate for a spa that Christmas. She decided to use it one day a few months later so she called for an apointment - She said they asked her if she wanted a male or female massuese and she told the receptionist she preferred a male but it wasn't that important. She left the house and returned about 3 hours later. When she came home she had a mischevous look on her face. She began to tell me about her afternoon.

She said her massuese (John) was a 32 year old who was very nice and very attractive. The massage started very normally, she was naked on the table, covered by a towel, John began by asking her what areas he should concentrate on and what she liked etc. He began massaging her and Lisa said he did a great job. As he worked on her body, Lisa told me she started to feel aroused, the towel accidentally moved, exposing her body to him. He appologized and reached for the towel, Lisa told him that she is not shy and she is very comfortable with her body.

She said the massage progressed normally, except he was now focusing on her private areas. He massaged her thighs, then her ass, and she felt herself getting excited. When she turned over, he massaged her breasts, then moved down. She said they did not speak, but she said she could tell he was getting aroused by his breathing. His hands moved to her pussy and he began to stimulate her. She said a few minutes later his fingers were inside her and she came very quickly.

When the massage ended, they talked a bit, she told him she was married but she was free. It seems he lived in a nearby town and they agreed they would try to get together again soon. she gave him her email address and told him to get in touch with her.

By the time she got home, she had an email from him. They went back and forth a few times but never were able to set a date to meet. A few months went by and she decided she would make an appointment for another massage, this time she asked specifically for John.

The day of the massage, she took a bath before hading to the spa. Before she left, as she was getting dressed, I noticed that she had shaved her pussy, I asked her about this and she told me she had asked for John at the spa...then she finished getting dressed and left.

She called me a few hours later and told me she had a surprise for me me when she gets home. She came home a few minutes later and I asked her how her massage was...She said it was wonderfull then told me to come upstairs to the bedroom with her.

I asked what happened? Did anything happen? She grinned and just got undressed. It was mid-afternoon and the room was well lit, she lay on the bed naked, she spread her legs and told me John gave her the BEST massage she ever had. Then I saw the dried white stains on her belly. She saw that my eyes had noticed this and she grinned and nodded her head, then told me to lay down on top of her. I began to get aroused, and she soon guided me inside her. I remember thinking that Her pussy was soaked like I had never felt before and I slid in with absolutely no resistance.She allowed me to fuck her as she told me all of what had transpired that afternoon...

Lisa told me the massage started like last time but this time she took the towel off at the very bginning, his hands quickly went to her breasts and he began to kiss her. She told me she felt his hardness through his pants, she unzipped him and he dropped his pants. She said his cock was rock hard and quite huge, she sucked his cock and soon he pulled a condom from his pants pocket, put it on and then mounted her in the missionary position on the massage table. She said she had a hard time remaining quiet as he fucked her deep and slow. As things heated up he said he wanted to fuck her in the doggy position, so she got off the table and he fucked her again in this position. She said he made her cum and then he laid her on her back again and fucked her some more, until it was obvious he was about to cum. She said He pulled out, he pulled off the condom and then came powerfully all over her tits and belly.

At that moment I also came all over her, and she seemed pleased with that. She told me she would be going for more massages with him and they agreed they would work out the dates through emails. I guess he eventually left the spa because when she called and asked for him a few weeks later, they said he was no longer with them. they exchanged emails a few times but I guess that was the end of it because she has not heard from him since.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Young black fucks her again July 2007, this time in my bed

After her first meeting with him Lisa wanted more of his BBC. She told me to invite him over one saturday night when we had the house to ourselves. After a few glasses of wine, they went to our bedroom where he fucked my wife in our bed for several hours.

Watchin my wife getting fucked in our bed was like a cold, humiliating slap in the face for me. It brings it home in a way I can't describe. I always felt the marital bed was place for a man and wife. By taking other men to our bed, Lisa was sending me a powerfull message..."YOU ARE A CUCKOLD HUSBAND"

Here are a few photos from that night, you can see the whole video here:

Lisa fucks a black man in our bed

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lisa's sexual desires 2007

At this point we are still back around 2007 and I'm realizing that posting the details of each of Lisa's adventures will take a very long time.
From 2007 - 2010 Lisa was very active, and there were many men, I will post them in the chronological order in which they fucked her.

Lisa fucks a black man Feb2007
Yes lisa likes her black men. Lisa has always been attracted to muscular classy young black men and the young man in this clip had been in touch with me for several years trying to arrange a meeting with Lisa. In Feb we had a free night and we met at our usual hotel lounge nearby. We had checked in several hrs before we were to meet him and she had me shave her completely in anticipation of what was to cum. We went to the bar to meet him around 8 and they immediately hit it off. Before long the bar got loud and crowded and Lisa told me she wanted to leave - with him - and go back to our room. She had me pour her a drink and went left the room to put on her outfit which was a green garter, hose and bra. When she emerged her new friend was ready and waiting. They start with kssing and petting then he gives her pussy and good licking and fingers. Before he fucks her he has her suck him while he kneels and stradles my wifes face. Then he fucks the hell out of her, first missionary and then doggy position. She tells him to cum on her ass but he has alot of energy and has my wife mount him and ride his BBC for a while. I was allowed to video tape and take many photos (including the one to the right) while he fucked my wife in this position. She moans and cums many times with this impressive young man. He fucked her from 9:30 till around 3 AM

Here are the links to the full videos and a short sample
Lisa fucks a black man Feb2007

Lisa fucked by BBC Feb 2007 - part2
It's obvious my wife loves her BBC. This is the second part of her first meeting with this young black man in Feb. In round 2 I bring her a drink as he spreads her creamy white thighs and licks my wife's pussy to get her ready. He gets on top of her and fucks her long hard and deep just the way she needs it. His bbc plunges in and out of Lisa's married pussy as she moans with pleasure. I think the hottest part is when he is on top of her and wraps his arms around my wifes thighs and puts his big hands under her thick ass. He's clearly excited by this and plows her deeply in this position for several minutes. With each stroke he pulls her hips up towards him, and it's clear he's in complete control of my wife as he penetrates her deeply. Later he cums on Lisa's juggs and she spreads and massages his seed all over her big white tits as she smiles in appreciation. They lay in bed sroking each other, oblivious to my pressence even as I reach out and touch and carress her ass. She later told me it was this meeting where she realized how much she is turned on by black men and how nothing is more exciting to her. She will never be the same.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A black man in my bed

We seemed to be getting into a comfortable routine. Every few months Lisa would give me some sort of indication that her labido was rising and I knew that meant - I needed to arrange something for her. It was usually unspoken but it was always clear what she wanted. She was sparing my feelings by not comming right out and telling me, but I knew she was ready and wanting some action, and I knew that if I didn't supply her with it she would somehow find it she had done before.

During the time frames between each meeting, I would be chatting with men who had either seen her photos or had heard about her through our ad postings on swing sites. We considered this our pool of eligible suitors, men who had sent photos, Lisa had seen the pics and approved, and I had chatted with them and felt they were a good fit for her.

I told her I would arrange a meeting for her and asked her if she had a preference based on who we had in the 'stable', (which is what she called our list of potentials).Lisa made it clear that size matters and the young men were the most energetic and long lasting. She asked if 'Dave' was available, (he's the 30 year old black man with the 11 inch cock - see our earlier post to read about her first meeting ). .

I contacted him and arranged a date to get together. We were going to meet him at the same hotel lounge but on the morning of the date, both of our kids were going to be away for the weekend so she told me to cancel the hotel and invite him to our home.

That afternoon, Lisa had me shave her for him and told me to pick out what he might want her to wear, which I did. I picked him up at the train station in the early evening, around 6PM. Lisa was home waiting for us, getting herself ready. In the car he told me he 'was going to fuck my wife good', and that she is his slut, that she loves his big black cock. Basically, talking shit and verbally humiliating me as we drove back to our house.

At a red light, He unzipped his pants in the car and pulled out his enormous black dick, telling me he's going to hit places in her that I've never been. The size of his cock is almost freakish, and he tells me 'your wife is going to cum all over this BBC'.

When we arrive, Lisa greets him with a kiss, we drink some wine, Lisa is already a bit tipsy. They make out in the kitchen then she tells me to get some towels as they are going in the hottub. They take the towels and go outside, I can see from the kitchen window that they both take their clothes off and get into the hottub.
They are making out, he sits on the step, I see my wifes head between his legs, I know she is sucking his cock. She bends over the edge of the hottub, he stand behind her but it starts to rain and they soon return to the house.

Wrapped in towels, once in the house, she tells me they are going upstairs, and that I should bring a bottle of champagne up for them in a few minutes. When I approach the room he is laying in my bed, Lisa is sucking his cock. She looks at me and asks if I brought the champagne, which I did. She says, 'Where are the champagne glasses?' I told her I thought the wine glasses would be fine, but she did not agree and asked me to bring them proper champagne glasses. When I return with the glasses Lisa is still sucking his dick, she lifts her head long enough to tell me to pour the champagne, then goes back to blowing him.

I handed him the champagne glass and poured it. Now try to imagine how surreal and humiliating this was for me. He is laying in my bed, my wife is sucking his BBC and I am pouring champagne for him and her. At this point I am excited but I realize that I am being cuckolded by both of them.

She continued to blow him for a while, he wanted her to deep throat him but there was no possible way that could happen with his size, Lisa gagged a bit as he forced his cock as deep as he could into her mouth. A few minutes later he turned her on her back and she told me to put lube on her pussy. As I did this, he was positioned between her legs, his cock rigid and ready to enter. She told me to put lube on his cock, when I hesitated and he told me that for his BBC they will both need lube.
I finally summoned the nerve and did it.

He fucked her in many positions that night. Lisa orgasmed more than I have ever seen her with any man she had been with. They continued to have sex until Lisa needed a rest, she had had quite alot to drink and was a bit drunk really. He was still horny for her, running his hands all over her and telling her seh wanted her to suck his bbc again. Then she told him 'I need a rest, honey, come over here..., you're not tired are you?'

She held his black cock and stroked it gently, she looked at me and said quietly, 'Do it'. I knew what she meant but could not respond, she looked at me again and so 'go ahead, do it, I want to watch you do it'. She pulled me towards her, she stroked him and gently pushed my head and said, 'open your mouth'. The rest is a blur, it seemed to last a long time, but it was probably only a few minutes before she let me up. I do vividly remember feeling her hand on the back of my head, pushing me down as he lay there telling her to 'choke me with it'. To which she said in a sympathetic voice, 'No, I don't want to choke him with it', she really sounded like she felt bad for me. I was in a state of shock I suppose thoughout this time.
Soon she was ready for more, he fucked her until about 3am, she orgasmed many times and he held out until the end, finally pulling out of her and positioning himself at her face and unloading in her mouth. She willingly opened her mouth and swallowed his seed, then she told me they both needed some sleep. They were sprawled out on the bed but she told me to come lay next to her, 'Dave' was on the other side of her half sleeping. I layed down but the sheets were wet and uncomfortable. When I mentioned that to Lisa, she said, 'why don't you go sleep in the guest room then?'

As I left the masterbedroom she told me to close the door behind me and she said she loved me. I barely slept that night but finally managed to get a few hours in.

The next morning at 8-9am I went to the kitched to make coffee and walked by my bedroom. It's then that it hit me...there is black man sleeping in MY bed with MY wife. There were no sounds so I just went ahead and made coffee for us all.

A few minutes later I hear moaning and banging coming from upstairs. I grabbed my camera and went upstairs, the moaning and banging getting loader as I approached the bedroom. I gently opened the door, I see lisa laying on her back, on top of Dave, who is also on his back, her legs are spread, his cock is pumping furiously in and out of her as he fondles her big breasts.

He continues to fuck her for another 30 minutes and finally explodes all over her face again. A while later, As I drove him to the train station, he told me how my wife is his slut now and she loves his big cock.

The whole night was a bit of a blur but I do know I had never seen my wife as satisfied with a sex partner as she was with him. When I came home Lisa was waiting in bed for me, she told me she loves how he fucked her so hard and deep and that he made her cum countless times. She told me she wanted me to try to make her cum again, she spread her legs and told me to taste her, I could taste him on her pussy and quickly moved away. She told me to fuck her, and as I entered she said, 'Can you feel how stretched I am?' 'He fucked me good, now you do it'. Her pussy was slick and loose, it was not the way it normally is, his pumelling had actually physically changed the shape of her pussy, needless to say I came in just a minute or 2. She later told me that this night was one of her favorite and most exciting sexual experiences.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lisa in the guest bedroom

Lisa is in every sense a typical housewife and mom. You would more likely expect to see her in the grocery store or at the mall then expect that she would have this intense sexual desire for other men. But there it is, and I've accepted her desires and needs and although I have pangs of jealousy from time to time, I know that we are happy together it's just that her sexual needs are being taken care of by other men. I often wonder what these men think about her, what they think about me. Do they think she is just a slut? Some do I suspect. Others I'm sure are just happy to have sex with such a sexually charged older woman. As for me, I'm sure some pity me - although I have gotten past that point already. I think many of them get turned on by the fact that they are fucking my wife right in front of me. They are superior to me sexually and they know it, and Lisa certainly knows it, and most important - they know that I know it. This does lead to feelings of inferiority and submissiveness on my part, which I am often struggling with at this time. We seemed to be in a pretty comfortable routine at this point. Every few months Lisa would give me an indication that her Libido was up and that I should arrange for someone to meet. Although it may seem strange to most readers, I was comfortable in doing this - finding men who my wife would enjoy having sex with. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was becoming conditioned to be a cuckold. Perhaps Lisa subconsciously realized what she was doing, gradually and subtly cuckolding me over time until which point I would completely embrace the arrangement until it became a normal state of marriage for us. Having had a taste of interracial sex it seemed to me as if this was going to be her preference from now on. I asked her how she felt about it and she told me that it was exciting to have sex with a black man, the taboo nature of it kind of turned her on. Lisa said it turned her on to give it up to a black man while I watched. We both have a traditional and conservative background and this was nothing close to traditional, so it allowed her to be naughty, but without being bad, because I knew about it and was there watching it. A few months passed and once again she gave me notice that she was ready for some fun. Several men had contacted us through yahoo instant messenger and one stood out as a good candidate. I have gotten very good at screening the men, weeding out the fakes and the wannabees from quality bull material. We are looking for assertive men, men who have some experience and of course size matters as it always has.
Her appetite for young men, boys really, was very obvious to me. As I would show her photos of possible candidates, Lisa would always rule out older men. The young ones, muscular with very large cocks are the ones that drew her attention. We had the house to ourselves one Saturday in March and we arranged to meet a young man who seemed like a good fit. He was 28 and Lisa was attracted to his photos, his cock was large and thick and Lisa told me to arrange to meet him. So we planned on meeting him for a drink to see if the chemistry was right for the 2 of them. Late that afternoon Lisa told me to ask him if he wanted to come to our house instead of meeting at the bar.
We called him and He agreed to come over at 9:30.
The next few hours were spent preparing for her date. Lisa showered, which is now always followed by a shave her private parts for her date. She is very meticulous about this, always making sure that I shave her clean and completely bald for her dates. As I do this, she teases me, saying things such as, 'how do you feel shaving my pussy for another man?' Lisa has a beautiful pussy really, there are 2 folds concealing a very full clit which is partially hooded until she is aroused. Once aroused it becomes erect for direct stimulation, her lips are inviting and open easily. The entrance to her pussy is tight, but it accommodates large cocks within a few seconds of entry. I feel this is some biological adaption to allow easy access to her G spot. Stimulation to her G spot and direct pressure to her cervix is what makes my wife orgasm. Indeed, when a man is able to reach her cervix with his cock, Lisa has the most intense and almost instantaneous orgasms. I have never come close to being able to reach that spot but others have and it is quite amazing. Lisa has wide hips and a 'thick' but incredibly curvy body that seems to bring out the animal instinct in many men. Needless to say, She makes very good use of her physical attributes to arouse her man. At 9:30 the doorbell rang. We had some wine in the kitchen and chatted a bit, they seemed to hit it off well. Soon she brought him into the family room and told me to leave them alone. I went up to our bedroom and watched unnoticed as they began to get comfortable together. I grabbed our video camera and started to watch and film as they began the night of passion. On the sofa they made out and fondled each other, his hands all over her body, under her blouse, and inside her pants. I could hear her heavy breathing and moaning as she become more excited. She suddenly sat up and took off her blouse and then unclasped her bra, I saw her heavy full breasts fall from the cups as her young Friend looked at her in awe.
She took off her pants, her round ass was clad only in a sexy thong she had me choose for her earlier in the evening. She sat on his lap and they made out as things heated up. A few moments later, Lisa was leading him up to one of our guest rooms. This was odd in that I expected her to bring him to our master bedroom to allow me to watch, as had been the plan. But without as much as a word to me, they went to the guest room and soon their bodies were entangled on the bed. As I was down the hall in our bedroom as they came up the stairs. I walked down the hall to the guest room to listen. The door was left partially open and I began to video what was taking place. Lisa had her hand and mouth wrapped around his cock. He was looking at her as she slowly and deliberately stroked and sucked his cock. After a few minutes Lisa was on her back, legs spread, as he licked and fingered her clean shaven pussy. Moments later, he positioned the head of his cock at the opening between my wife's legs and slowly thrust. She gasped. His thrusts began to gradually quicken. Lisa's had pulled him deeper, with each thrust I heard the slapping of their bodies and moaning. He pulled Lisa to the side of the bed, her ass and legs dangling off the edge, he stood up spread her legs wide and fucked her. Moments later, she positioned herself on all fours in the doggy position. Her ass high, her back arched, she invited him to fuck her. He took hold of her hips and slid inside himself my wife again. Anyone who has fucked Lisa knows that This position is almost impossible to maintain with my wife for any length of time. The combination of visual and physical stimulation seems to buckle most men in just a few minutes. Seeing her ass up high and her pussy devour every inch of their cock is more than most men can take. As I watched, I knew all this and this young man was about to learn what I already knew. After 5 or ten minutes in this position, he began fucking her faster and harder and I knew he would soon explode. He pulled her hips back against himself and held her there. I heard him say 'I shot it in you' as he continued to fuck her. All this happened as I watched from the doorway. As they uncoupled I moved away from the doorway and back to the master bedroom. A few minutes later Lisa came in, naked, she had a huge smile on her face. I asked her where she had been, (as if I didn't know), she said 'I've been getting fucked'. She straddled me on the bed, kissed me and said 'He's good!'. She creeped up onto my chest, then straddled my face and said 'Taste anything?' Indeed, I did. She went back to the guest room and brought him to our master bedroom where she blew him hard again and then he fucked her in several different positions. As he fucked her, he told me to hold her hand. It was as if he wanted to send me a message: "I'm fucking your wife, in your bed, hold her hand as I cuckold you". This message became chrystal clear to me when Lisa embraced it - she reached out her hand and told me to hold it while his cock was still inside her. I held her hand and felt her body shake as he fucked her, a few minutes later she ogasmed just as he pulled out and spilled a second load all over her belly. He looked at me and said, 'You can't statisfy her, but I can' as the last few drops of sperm dripped from the head of his cock onto my wife's soft white belly.

Here are 2 small clips from that evening.

This was a very exciting night for us all. From the the unexpected request for privacy, to the unexpected creampie and then her having sex with him in our bed while holding my hand. I realized that all these little things add to Lisa's excitement, and I must admit although I have feelings of angst when another man is fucking my wife, it does excite me to realize how much she turns them on and how much she wants them.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Cuckolding excalates

My wife is in her early 40's at this point and her sex drive is in overdrive. She has been having me find men for her, she has spontaneously met men while we were on vacations, and she gone out and found men on her own. In a previous post you will read that the last man she met was a tall muscular young black man - she basically met him at a bar, brought him home and took him to our bed and fucked him.

We talked about this was all very innocent when it started that night, she was restless and wanted to get out of the house. She had a few drinks, one thing led to another, he told her that he wanted her, she told him she was married - he didn't care. He invited her to his place but she didn't feel that would be a safe choice, so she brought him to our home. He made it clear once he got here that he wanted her alone, he wanted her in our bed and she gave in to what he wanted. She apologized for having to lock me out of the bedroom, but she said it was 'necessary' for him to feel comfortable.

She said felt that although she had been inconsiderate to me, he was very good and that she felt totally satisfied. I asked how he had satisfied her and she said he had 9 inches and was rock hard all night. She said she thought black men were sexy and she always was attracted to them but was not often in a situation where she could indulge her fantasy. That night she said she decided she was 'going for it'.

Over the next several months I continued to screen suitors who wanted to meet Lisa. Although it may not seem it, Lisa is very particular about who she wants to meet. Many of the ones who contacted us were black, it seemed that her body type appealed to them in a very big way. Her porcelain white skin, her meaty small frame, her curvy shape, wide hips and full breasts attracted them in droves. I would show her photos of the ones I thought she might be interested - they were all hugely endowed, every one over 8 inches, (some as large as 12 inches). Most were not her type, she likes classy men and many who contacted us just didn't seem to have that trait. Eventually after a few weeks, I found what she was looking for, she saw his photos and agreed to meet. He was 30 years old, very tall, medium dark skin and had an enormous cock, 11 inches was what he told me, and it looked every bit of it from the photos.

We agreed to meet at the local Hilton hotel which had a nice lounge area for the two of them to get acquainted. Lisa had been fucked there several times before so the surroundings would be comfortable for her. To make a long story short, we had a few drinks at the bar, Lisa leaned over and told me to pay the bill, and she said I should go get the room. The 3 of us went towards the front desk, I paid for the room, Lisa and her new Friend standing nearby.

I told Lisa the room number and started walking towards the elevators, when Lisa stopped and asked me to get her bag from the car. She asked me for the key, pressed the elevator button, said "Take your time" and gave me a kiss.

I remember turning around and seeing the look on the guys face who had just checked me into the hotel. He had clearly been watching what happened in the lobby - my wife was going to the room with the 6'2" black guy.

A few minutes later after retrieving her bag, I took the elevator to our floor and knocked on the door. Her new Friend opened the door, Lisa was sitting on the bed, still fully clothed. Lisa took the bag into the other room and said she was going to change into something more comfortable.

While she was getting changed, I sat on a chair while her new friend walked about the room, telling me how sexy she and saying he was going to fuck her all night. Then he walked over to where I sat, unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out and said 'your wife is going to love this big black cock'.  Stunned at the size, I just stared for a moment.  His cock was literally as long as my forearm and I began to think that this was going to be more than Lisa can handle. He stood in front of me, stroked his cock and said 'and you're going to taste it first cuck', he then reached behind my head, told me to open my mouth and he shoved his cock. As he looked down he said, 'That's what your wife is going to get', then he pulled away and zipped his pants.

Moments later Lisa came out wearing a sexy outfit. They chatted briefly and soon she was on the bed, their sexual passion for each other was clear for me to see. The rest of the night is sort of a blur. He fucked her in many different positions, she sucked his cock and they both came multiple times. He took great pleasure in showing me how he liked fucking my wife, he would slowly sink his enormous member into my wife and then alternate with hard deep thrusts.

After an hour or two they took a break and Lisa went into the restroom for a moment. He was laying on the bed stroking his cock, telling me what a good fuck Lisa was.  He said she was his slut now and she loved his big cock. He stoked his cock and said 'Get over here cuck and keep this hard for your wife'.  He pushed my head down on his member and said 'all that black cock was just in your wife'.  Lisa returned and saw what he was doing to me and said to him, 'I see you are keeping him busy, Good Job!'

She grabbed the camera and video taped this and took some photos as well. He thrust himself up while pushing my head down, telling Lisa he wanted me to gag on it. This seemed to excite Lisa and she put her hand behind my head and told me to suck it. This lasted several minutes, until finally he pulled his cock out and slapped my face with it and said he was ready to fuck my wife again.

Lisa took the full length of his cock, which was somewhat hard to believe. She told me later that the feeling of the head of his dick pushing against her cervix made her orgasm. This is the feeling that she craves as I have since found out. Some women orgasm with stimulation to their clit, Lisa cums with deep penetration and stimulation of her G spot. These are all things I learned by watching her having sex with other men. They're able to make her cum because of their size, this is something I just don't possess.
He came on her face

They had sex until about 2AM, until they both were exhausted. They were sprawled across the bed, and I climbed in next to my wife, her Friend on the the other side of her. We turned off the lights and slept. At daybreak I was woken by the unmistakable moans of my wife and the shaking of the bed.  He had Lisa on her side, her right leg lifted, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy from behind. With each thrust I could feel Lisa's body shake and soon got up and grabbed the camera.  The room was still dark so I turned on the night setting and I could clearly see everything through the viewfinder.  Lisa was riding him, sliding her stretched pussy up and down the full length of his rigid cock. She asked me to apply some lube for them and I did as she asked, coating the length of his shaft as it slide out of her. Soon she was on all fours, taking his cock until he pulled out and came all over her ass.  I could see his cum drip down the crack of her ass and wondered if I should get her a towel.

He dressed and left shortly afterward. Lisa was worn out and tired and went to sleep for about 2 hours. She woke and told me she needed to be fucked again. Lisa pulled me close, opened her legs and guided me in. As I entered her she whispered in my ear 'How does it feel? He stretched me out for you, how does it feel?' Indeed, even though we had not had sex together in a long time I could feel the looseness. She whispered, 'how did you like seeing him fuck me like I was a slut? Now fuck me like I'm a whore, fuck me like a slut'. She saw that I became so excited by this and then told me 'I'm so stretched I can't feel you, fuck me deeper'. I began to think about his cock being inside her and I tried my best to go deep. As I fucked her as deep as I could, she said 'he hit places you can't even reach'.  With that, she pulled away and told me to jerk off until I cum. As I masturbated she said 'You know he fucked your wife better than you can, how does that feel? How do you feel about that?' I came within seconds and Lisa smiled and said 'good job, let's try to get together with him again real soon'. And we did...

Below is a short clip of what happened that night, the complete clip and many others are available on our page at
Diary of a Real HotWife

Friday, March 9, 2012

sexually empowering another man

After her last two meetings we talked about where things were going. Over the past 2 months, She had picked up and fucked a 26 year old at his house and had brought home a young black guy and had sex with him in our bedroom after locking me out.

Lisa explained to me how she felt sexy and excited by meeting these 2 men on her own. She said it made her feel good to know that younger men were still attracted to her and that they still wanted and desired her sexually. She told me how she often felt like she had lost her appeal to the opposite sex and was just a wife and a mom. As much as I tried to tell her that this was not the case, she needed affirmation from other men, and she sought it out and of course she found it.

She went on to explain what went on when she met them, and how she decided that she wanted them to fuck her. She was care full not to say too much and clearly wanted to spare my feelings but she wanted me to understand this for some reason.

She said the 26 year old had approached her while she sat at the bar and they made friendly small talk. He noticed her wedding ring and asked where her husband was. She said he was home, and that she was out by herself. He said that it was hot that

she was married and out alone and they talked about that for quite awhile. She told me that he seemed very intrigued by that fact that she was married, and this began to excite her alot. He started to flirt with her, telling her how sexy she was and touching her back and putting his hand on her bare leg. As this transpired she said she had such a feeling of excitement. This young man knew she was married and was obviously turned on by this. This, she said 'made her hot'.

He started asking provocative would her husband feel if he knew men were hitting on her? Would her husband mind if he knew she was with a younger guy? This type of conversation went on for about an hour with him. She pulled out her phone and sent me a text which basically said she had met someone, and would not be coming home. Then she showed him the text message she had just sent me. She said he paid the bar bill immediately - and they left together for his place.

Once they got to his place, they quickly moved to the bedroom. She told me that as they had sex he would say things about me...your husband can't fuck you the way you need to be fucked.

A big part of the excitement was the fact that he knew she was married, AND he knew that I knew that she was with him. She felt he was confident, assertive and self assured. He knew he was fucking another mans' wife, and it turned him on to do it. It turned her on to see him in control, and taking what was mine, but she knew she would return to me but didn't have to explain or apologize for what had happened.

I realized that she was explaining to me how I had been cuckolded that night. She was also telling me why she was cuckolding me. Lisa found it exciting to sexually empower another man over me. My wife felt empowered by giving herself to him. This is what I have learned about being a cuckold. For us it is all about sexual control and power.

Lisa and the men she beds have the control and power - and that is what excites her.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

2006 or so

Around 2006 - Although not completely on board with this, I now began to looking forward helping Lisa find great people to meet. I had a role, it seemed like it was something I could actually do to please my wife and I was accepting of the whole thing. So I placed some ads and chatted with alot of people. Most were douche bags, married cheaters, losers and generally men my wife would never be interested in. Some seemed to have a better understanding of the needs of a couple and were comfortable in the role of sex object. And that's all they were. An object of sexual gratification for my wife. She was not getting that from me, and as I went through this somewhat painful screening process I felt that I had some control. I was soon enlightened on just how little control I had. A few weeks went by. Lisa and I had a spat one Saturday afternoon. I have no clue what it was about at this point, but whatever it was, it was meaningless. The kids were sleeping at freinds house that night. Fter an afternoon of the silent treatment, at around 7PM Lisa disappeared, she showered, she blew out her hair, she dressed and came down to the kitchen. She was wearing black slacks, heels and a low cut blouse. I asked where she was going and she just said, 'I'm going out'. I asked where, she just said she wasn't sure. A few ninutes later, she was in the car pulling out of the driveway. At 11PM I called her. No answer. She called back at 11:30, she said she was at a bar, she had met someone and told me to strighten up the house because she would be home soon. She said he was driving her home and would be coming in for a while. We hung up, I straightend things up and waited. To this day I'm not sure what made me do this but I placed our camcorder in the sitting area of the bedroom and turned it on. At 12:15 the door opened, Lisa walked in and introduced me to her freind,he was at least 6'4, completely ripped and black. She told to pour them drinks and then said they were going up to our bedroom. I handed them the drinks, they went up and closed the door. I waited. I heard no sounds. After 40 minutes I knocked on my bedroom door and she told me to come in. She was sitting by the fireplace with him. They were embracing, sitting close to each other and looked like they had been interrupted. I sat with them for while, trying to make small talk but it was clear that I was not really welcome. Finally she took me aside, she said, 'He has a 9 inch cock and he's going to fuck me in our bed tonight' then asked me to leave, and to close the door behind me. I left them for a while then curiosity got to me and I quietly opened the door just a crack. Lisa yelled 'Close the door!' then came over to lock it. As she walked over, I could see she was wearing something very different than she had on before, it was a sexy light green bra, garter and stockings which I had bought her a few years ago. She whispered to me, 'He doesn't want you around, so please go downstairs'. Then she locked the door. I went to the kitchen which is just below our bedroom. For the next 2 hours I listened to this black guy fucking the hell out or my wife. I sat there litenting through each of their orgasms, and there were several for each of them, from what I could tell. I imagined what he must be feeling each time I heard her moan or scream, I began to masterbate, and in a way fantasizing and living vicariously through what he was doing with my wife. At around 4am the door opened, then footsteps down the stairs. He came over and shook my hand and said 'your wife just wore me out'. Then he left. I went upstairs. The sheets were completely off the bed, Lisa was naked and half asleep. She stirred as I got into bed then she rolled over. I saw the his dried cum on her tits and belly. The bedding was damp, with her cum or his, I was not sure which. She pulled me close and whispered, 'I'm not mad anymore'. Then she kissed me and then she slept. Below is a small clip which captured some of the initial part of the evening she spent with him. The rest occured in our bed and was not captured on film - but the sounds I heard are forever burned into my memory.

Friday, January 20, 2012

2009 pick up - Text messages to hubby

Just ran across these photos I took of the cell phone text messages Lisa sent on the night I described in the post below. I snapped these the next morning, they are pretty much as described in the story below. Although some of the times were wrong I think you will get the picture, thought you might want to see them.