Saturday, January 21, 2012

2006 or so

Around 2006 - Although not completely on board with this, I now began to looking forward helping Lisa find great people to meet. I had a role, it seemed like it was something I could actually do to please my wife and I was accepting of the whole thing. So I placed some ads and chatted with alot of people. Most were douche bags, married cheaters, losers and generally men my wife would never be interested in. Some seemed to have a better understanding of the needs of a couple and were comfortable in the role of sex object. And that's all they were. An object of sexual gratification for my wife. She was not getting that from me, and as I went through this somewhat painful screening process I felt that I had some control. I was soon enlightened on just how little control I had. A few weeks went by. Lisa and I had a spat one Saturday afternoon. I have no clue what it was about at this point, but whatever it was, it was meaningless. The kids were sleeping at freinds house that night. Fter an afternoon of the silent treatment, at around 7PM Lisa disappeared, she showered, she blew out her hair, she dressed and came down to the kitchen. She was wearing black slacks, heels and a low cut blouse. I asked where she was going and she just said, 'I'm going out'. I asked where, she just said she wasn't sure. A few ninutes later, she was in the car pulling out of the driveway. At 11PM I called her. No answer. She called back at 11:30, she said she was at a bar, she had met someone and told me to strighten up the house because she would be home soon. She said he was driving her home and would be coming in for a while. We hung up, I straightend things up and waited. To this day I'm not sure what made me do this but I placed our camcorder in the sitting area of the bedroom and turned it on. At 12:15 the door opened, Lisa walked in and introduced me to her freind,he was at least 6'4, completely ripped and black. She told to pour them drinks and then said they were going up to our bedroom. I handed them the drinks, they went up and closed the door. I waited. I heard no sounds. After 40 minutes I knocked on my bedroom door and she told me to come in. She was sitting by the fireplace with him. They were embracing, sitting close to each other and looked like they had been interrupted. I sat with them for while, trying to make small talk but it was clear that I was not really welcome. Finally she took me aside, she said, 'He has a 9 inch cock and he's going to fuck me in our bed tonight' then asked me to leave, and to close the door behind me. I left them for a while then curiosity got to me and I quietly opened the door just a crack. Lisa yelled 'Close the door!' then came over to lock it. As she walked over, I could see she was wearing something very different than she had on before, it was a sexy light green bra, garter and stockings which I had bought her a few years ago. She whispered to me, 'He doesn't want you around, so please go downstairs'. Then she locked the door. I went to the kitchen which is just below our bedroom. For the next 2 hours I listened to this black guy fucking the hell out or my wife. I sat there litenting through each of their orgasms, and there were several for each of them, from what I could tell. I imagined what he must be feeling each time I heard her moan or scream, I began to masterbate, and in a way fantasizing and living vicariously through what he was doing with my wife. At around 4am the door opened, then footsteps down the stairs. He came over and shook my hand and said 'your wife just wore me out'. Then he left. I went upstairs. The sheets were completely off the bed, Lisa was naked and half asleep. She stirred as I got into bed then she rolled over. I saw the his dried cum on her tits and belly. The bedding was damp, with her cum or his, I was not sure which. She pulled me close and whispered, 'I'm not mad anymore'. Then she kissed me and then she slept. Below is a small clip which captured some of the initial part of the evening she spent with him. The rest occured in our bed and was not captured on film - but the sounds I heard are forever burned into my memory.

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