Sunday, October 21, 2012

The massage

Lisa was quite stressed with the pressures of work so I bought her a gift certificate for a spa that Christmas. She decided to use it one day a few months later so she called for an apointment - She said they asked her if she wanted a male or female massuese and she told the receptionist she preferred a male but it wasn't that important. She left the house and returned about 3 hours later. When she came home she had a mischevous look on her face. She began to tell me about her afternoon.

She said her massuese (John) was a 32 year old who was very nice and very attractive. The massage started very normally, she was naked on the table, covered by a towel, John began by asking her what areas he should concentrate on and what she liked etc. He began massaging her and Lisa said he did a great job. As he worked on her body, Lisa told me she started to feel aroused, the towel accidentally moved, exposing her body to him. He appologized and reached for the towel, Lisa told him that she is not shy and she is very comfortable with her body.

She said the massage progressed normally, except he was now focusing on her private areas. He massaged her thighs, then her ass, and she felt herself getting excited. When she turned over, he massaged her breasts, then moved down. She said they did not speak, but she said she could tell he was getting aroused by his breathing. His hands moved to her pussy and he began to stimulate her. She said a few minutes later his fingers were inside her and she came very quickly.

When the massage ended, they talked a bit, she told him she was married but she was free. It seems he lived in a nearby town and they agreed they would try to get together again soon. she gave him her email address and told him to get in touch with her.

By the time she got home, she had an email from him. They went back and forth a few times but never were able to set a date to meet. A few months went by and she decided she would make an appointment for another massage, this time she asked specifically for John.

The day of the massage, she took a bath before hading to the spa. Before she left, as she was getting dressed, I noticed that she had shaved her pussy, I asked her about this and she told me she had asked for John at the spa...then she finished getting dressed and left.

She called me a few hours later and told me she had a surprise for me me when she gets home. She came home a few minutes later and I asked her how her massage was...She said it was wonderfull then told me to come upstairs to the bedroom with her.

I asked what happened? Did anything happen? She grinned and just got undressed. It was mid-afternoon and the room was well lit, she lay on the bed naked, she spread her legs and told me John gave her the BEST massage she ever had. Then I saw the dried white stains on her belly. She saw that my eyes had noticed this and she grinned and nodded her head, then told me to lay down on top of her. I began to get aroused, and she soon guided me inside her. I remember thinking that Her pussy was soaked like I had never felt before and I slid in with absolutely no resistance.She allowed me to fuck her as she told me all of what had transpired that afternoon...

Lisa told me the massage started like last time but this time she took the towel off at the very bginning, his hands quickly went to her breasts and he began to kiss her. She told me she felt his hardness through his pants, she unzipped him and he dropped his pants. She said his cock was rock hard and quite huge, she sucked his cock and soon he pulled a condom from his pants pocket, put it on and then mounted her in the missionary position on the massage table. She said she had a hard time remaining quiet as he fucked her deep and slow. As things heated up he said he wanted to fuck her in the doggy position, so she got off the table and he fucked her again in this position. She said he made her cum and then he laid her on her back again and fucked her some more, until it was obvious he was about to cum. She said He pulled out, he pulled off the condom and then came powerfully all over her tits and belly.

At that moment I also came all over her, and she seemed pleased with that. She told me she would be going for more massages with him and they agreed they would work out the dates through emails. I guess he eventually left the spa because when she called and asked for him a few weeks later, they said he was no longer with them. they exchanged emails a few times but I guess that was the end of it because she has not heard from him since.


  1. This story is really exciting, for two reasons: 1) I've always wondered what kind of sexual contact might be going on with guys massaging women, and 2) I love the cuckold dynamic and that she shared it with you. This would be my dream to experience this kind of lifestyle. Thanks for sharing it!