Thursday, June 2, 2011

"So what did you think about last night?"

The morning after was very strange indeed. We had gotten home at around 3AM from the hotel and Lisa was exhausted and fell asleep within minutes, no shower, and she didn't say much. The next day was a typical Sunday morning in almost every way, the kids came down for breakfast, Lisa made breakfast for them, we read the paper and talked as if nothing had happened the night before. As we sat there, I began to have flashbacks from the night before, images of my wife with her legs spread wide, the sounds her mouth made as she sucking his cock, I remembered hearing him moaning in as she blew him, how he held her hair back to show me her mouth and hand sliding up and down his shaft.

An hour or 2 later the kids were out doing their thing and Lisa and I sat in the kitchen sipping coffee. As I sat there, sipping our coffee Lisa broke the silence and said, "So what did you think about last night?".

I said "I thought you enjoyed yourself, how was it?" She went on to tell me how great it was and that she hadn't had orgasms like that so so long. She said he was so big and that excited her even more, she said she liked having me there and asked if I was uncomfortable.

I told her honestly that he seemed like a very nice guy and that made it easier for me, but I wanted to know what it was that made him so much better than the sex we had together. With that, Lisa put down her coffee and told me to come upstairs to the bedroom with her.

She dropped her robe climbed into bed and invited me in. I will never forget that moment...she guided my head between her thighs, rolled her hips and moaned. She spread her thighs wide and said "Taste me". Her pussy was so wet and I could still smell his scent on her. She held my head between her thighs and said "Taste it, honey, he fucked me so good". She quickly came to orgasm and then pulled me up and said "now fuck me like he did".

I was so excited and hard that I slid inside Lisa easily. No lube needed this morning. I went in so easily...then she said "feels different doesn't it...?"
I began to think about what happened the night before. 'He' had been in there too. I fucked her furiously as these thoughts went through my head. She said "He fucked your wife, how do you feel about that", "his cock stretched my pussy, you feel the difference dont' you?"

I did feel the difference and I tried to hold off as long as I could and hopefully bring Lisa to another orgasm, but it was all too intense and as i was about to cum she told me to "pull out, I want to see you cum". I quickly exploded on her pussy and splattered her belly.

As we lay there, she told me to spread the cum on her belly and pussy, it was a wet sticky mess, but i did as she asked. I then asked her if she came and she said she had not. She said, "I came so much last night, I'm not really surprised you couldn't get me off, it's ok" She went on to say she couldn't believe how thick and long he was, and how "that's what makes me cum".

Afterwards, I just has to deal with it, the painful anxious reality that my sweet beautiful wife, the mother of our children has been fucked by another man.

she slowly, shyly confessed to me what’s been going on, how long she has had these unfulfilled sexual desires, that she didn’t mean to hurt me, and that she still loves me. Still, I felt humiliated, inadequate, and somewhat lost and confused. I asked her if she would like to stop, to please stop having sex with other men, she said she wanted to be honest, and she tells me that she can’t really promise me anything because she doesnt’ know, that she’s confused.
After more talking, she eventually tells me that if i wants to leave her, she’ll understand. She says knows it’s all her fault. But she loves me, and that’s not what she wants. I want to be with her, I wants her to stay. And I'm feeling desperate because even though every fiber of my being does not want to accept this, I also don’t want to lose her and our marriage and family life are otherwise perfect.

After more talking, Lisa gains the strength and confidence to honesty explain to me that if we are to remain together, if I really want to stay with her, our relationship is going to have to change. She explains that she’s just being honest with me. That’s when I realize that the price of staying together will be I'm going to have to get used to the idea of sharing her with other men. She doesn’t put it quite that bluntly, but I know what she means.


  1. great way to put your feeling out there. you have a wonderful wife that she is willing to share her experience with you and not go behind your back. great pics as well she is very buetiful you truly are a lucky man

  2. My first wife cuckold me. She would come home afterwards and while I clean him from her, she told me how they had sex. I loved the experience and still wish I was involved in a cuckold relationship.

  3. A very poignant story. Even as a Bull, I can feel the sting when you realize Lisa's honesty is heartfelt and sincere. It's a love story, but with a twist of power and control. She needs other men to satisfy her sexual needs and that you are not up to that task. It's remarkable how calm and accepting of this realization.

  4. Sorry to disagree. But I found the story to be very sad indeed. My wife and i engaged other men on occasion, but the notion of ending a relationship over sex would not have worked for us. The US in our relationship is greater than the excitement of casual sex.