Thursday, July 12, 2012

A black man in my bed

We seemed to be getting into a comfortable routine. Every few months Lisa would give me some sort of indication that her labido was rising and I knew that meant - I needed to arrange something for her. It was usually unspoken but it was always clear what she wanted. She was sparing my feelings by not comming right out and telling me, but I knew she was ready and wanting some action, and I knew that if I didn't supply her with it she would somehow find it she had done before.

During the time frames between each meeting, I would be chatting with men who had either seen her photos or had heard about her through our ad postings on swing sites. We considered this our pool of eligible suitors, men who had sent photos, Lisa had seen the pics and approved, and I had chatted with them and felt they were a good fit for her.

I told her I would arrange a meeting for her and asked her if she had a preference based on who we had in the 'stable', (which is what she called our list of potentials).Lisa made it clear that size matters and the young men were the most energetic and long lasting. She asked if 'Dave' was available, (he's the 30 year old black man with the 11 inch cock - see our earlier post to read about her first meeting ). .

I contacted him and arranged a date to get together. We were going to meet him at the same hotel lounge but on the morning of the date, both of our kids were going to be away for the weekend so she told me to cancel the hotel and invite him to our home.

That afternoon, Lisa had me shave her for him and told me to pick out what he might want her to wear, which I did. I picked him up at the train station in the early evening, around 6PM. Lisa was home waiting for us, getting herself ready. In the car he told me he 'was going to fuck my wife good', and that she is his slut, that she loves his big black cock. Basically, talking shit and verbally humiliating me as we drove back to our house.

At a red light, He unzipped his pants in the car and pulled out his enormous black dick, telling me he's going to hit places in her that I've never been. The size of his cock is almost freakish, and he tells me 'your wife is going to cum all over this BBC'.

When we arrive, Lisa greets him with a kiss, we drink some wine, Lisa is already a bit tipsy. They make out in the kitchen then she tells me to get some towels as they are going in the hottub. They take the towels and go outside, I can see from the kitchen window that they both take their clothes off and get into the hottub.
They are making out, he sits on the step, I see my wifes head between his legs, I know she is sucking his cock. She bends over the edge of the hottub, he stand behind her but it starts to rain and they soon return to the house.

Wrapped in towels, once in the house, she tells me they are going upstairs, and that I should bring a bottle of champagne up for them in a few minutes. When I approach the room he is laying in my bed, Lisa is sucking his cock. She looks at me and asks if I brought the champagne, which I did. She says, 'Where are the champagne glasses?' I told her I thought the wine glasses would be fine, but she did not agree and asked me to bring them proper champagne glasses. When I return with the glasses Lisa is still sucking his dick, she lifts her head long enough to tell me to pour the champagne, then goes back to blowing him.

I handed him the champagne glass and poured it. Now try to imagine how surreal and humiliating this was for me. He is laying in my bed, my wife is sucking his BBC and I am pouring champagne for him and her. At this point I am excited but I realize that I am being cuckolded by both of them.

She continued to blow him for a while, he wanted her to deep throat him but there was no possible way that could happen with his size, Lisa gagged a bit as he forced his cock as deep as he could into her mouth. A few minutes later he turned her on her back and she told me to put lube on her pussy. As I did this, he was positioned between her legs, his cock rigid and ready to enter. She told me to put lube on his cock, when I hesitated and he told me that for his BBC they will both need lube.
I finally summoned the nerve and did it.

He fucked her in many positions that night. Lisa orgasmed more than I have ever seen her with any man she had been with. They continued to have sex until Lisa needed a rest, she had had quite alot to drink and was a bit drunk really. He was still horny for her, running his hands all over her and telling her seh wanted her to suck his bbc again. Then she told him 'I need a rest, honey, come over here..., you're not tired are you?'

She held his black cock and stroked it gently, she looked at me and said quietly, 'Do it'. I knew what she meant but could not respond, she looked at me again and so 'go ahead, do it, I want to watch you do it'. She pulled me towards her, she stroked him and gently pushed my head and said, 'open your mouth'. The rest is a blur, it seemed to last a long time, but it was probably only a few minutes before she let me up. I do vividly remember feeling her hand on the back of my head, pushing me down as he lay there telling her to 'choke me with it'. To which she said in a sympathetic voice, 'No, I don't want to choke him with it', she really sounded like she felt bad for me. I was in a state of shock I suppose thoughout this time.
Soon she was ready for more, he fucked her until about 3am, she orgasmed many times and he held out until the end, finally pulling out of her and positioning himself at her face and unloading in her mouth. She willingly opened her mouth and swallowed his seed, then she told me they both needed some sleep. They were sprawled out on the bed but she told me to come lay next to her, 'Dave' was on the other side of her half sleeping. I layed down but the sheets were wet and uncomfortable. When I mentioned that to Lisa, she said, 'why don't you go sleep in the guest room then?'

As I left the masterbedroom she told me to close the door behind me and she said she loved me. I barely slept that night but finally managed to get a few hours in.

The next morning at 8-9am I went to the kitched to make coffee and walked by my bedroom. It's then that it hit me...there is black man sleeping in MY bed with MY wife. There were no sounds so I just went ahead and made coffee for us all.

A few minutes later I hear moaning and banging coming from upstairs. I grabbed my camera and went upstairs, the moaning and banging getting loader as I approached the bedroom. I gently opened the door, I see lisa laying on her back, on top of Dave, who is also on his back, her legs are spread, his cock is pumping furiously in and out of her as he fondles her big breasts.

He continues to fuck her for another 30 minutes and finally explodes all over her face again. A while later, As I drove him to the train station, he told me how my wife is his slut now and she loves his big cock.

The whole night was a bit of a blur but I do know I had never seen my wife as satisfied with a sex partner as she was with him. When I came home Lisa was waiting in bed for me, she told me she loves how he fucked her so hard and deep and that he made her cum countless times. She told me she wanted me to try to make her cum again, she spread her legs and told me to taste her, I could taste him on her pussy and quickly moved away. She told me to fuck her, and as I entered she said, 'Can you feel how stretched I am?' 'He fucked me good, now you do it'. Her pussy was slick and loose, it was not the way it normally is, his pumelling had actually physically changed the shape of her pussy, needless to say I came in just a minute or 2. She later told me that this night was one of her favorite and most exciting sexual experiences.


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