Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lisa's sexual desires 2007

At this point we are still back around 2007 and I'm realizing that posting the details of each of Lisa's adventures will take a very long time.
From 2007 - 2010 Lisa was very active, and there were many men, I will post them in the chronological order in which they fucked her.

Lisa fucks a black man Feb2007
Yes lisa likes her black men. Lisa has always been attracted to muscular classy young black men and the young man in this clip had been in touch with me for several years trying to arrange a meeting with Lisa. In Feb we had a free night and we met at our usual hotel lounge nearby. We had checked in several hrs before we were to meet him and she had me shave her completely in anticipation of what was to cum. We went to the bar to meet him around 8 and they immediately hit it off. Before long the bar got loud and crowded and Lisa told me she wanted to leave - with him - and go back to our room. She had me pour her a drink and went left the room to put on her outfit which was a green garter, hose and bra. When she emerged her new friend was ready and waiting. They start with kssing and petting then he gives her pussy and good licking and fingers. Before he fucks her he has her suck him while he kneels and stradles my wifes face. Then he fucks the hell out of her, first missionary and then doggy position. She tells him to cum on her ass but he has alot of energy and has my wife mount him and ride his BBC for a while. I was allowed to video tape and take many photos (including the one to the right) while he fucked my wife in this position. She moans and cums many times with this impressive young man. He fucked her from 9:30 till around 3 AM

Here are the links to the full videos and a short sample
Lisa fucks a black man Feb2007

Lisa fucked by BBC Feb 2007 - part2
It's obvious my wife loves her BBC. This is the second part of her first meeting with this young black man in Feb. In round 2 I bring her a drink as he spreads her creamy white thighs and licks my wife's pussy to get her ready. He gets on top of her and fucks her long hard and deep just the way she needs it. His bbc plunges in and out of Lisa's married pussy as she moans with pleasure. I think the hottest part is when he is on top of her and wraps his arms around my wifes thighs and puts his big hands under her thick ass. He's clearly excited by this and plows her deeply in this position for several minutes. With each stroke he pulls her hips up towards him, and it's clear he's in complete control of my wife as he penetrates her deeply. Later he cums on Lisa's juggs and she spreads and massages his seed all over her big white tits as she smiles in appreciation. They lay in bed sroking each other, oblivious to my pressence even as I reach out and touch and carress her ass. She later told me it was this meeting where she realized how much she is turned on by black men and how nothing is more exciting to her. She will never be the same.

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