Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cuckolded on Vacation

A very recent week away resulted in a completely unexpected night of sex for my wife with a local. What was supposed to have been a relaxing week at an island resort for just the two of us, turned into an opportunity for another opportunity for my wife to get fucked and to cuckold me. While I was out playing golf one afternoon, she decided to attend a cocktail hour hosted by the hotel management. She found one of the bartenders who caught her eye, she engaged him in conversation and made plans to see him that evening. She invited him to our room, asked me to leave them alone and had sex with him. He was around 22 years old - at most, he was black and she told him she was married and free to do as she pleased.

Since I was not allowed to stay in the room, there is no video. I did not expect any of this to happen so I didn't even bring our video camera, but the next morning she explained what happened, which I recorded and you will hear on this audio file. She explains how they met, how she peaked his interest, how she sucked his cock on the beach and then fucked her in our hotel room.

The conversation is over breakfast the next day, she calmly explains how she met him and why and how she ended up having sex with him.

She continues to see her black boyfriend here at home, mostly alone, every few weeks. She has told me she will include me as soon as he is ready to have me present again. She said they are getting more and more sexually comfortable each time. In the meantime, I just have to wait for her to come home after each of her dates.


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