Sunday, February 1, 2015

Cucked again in my own bed

These are some screen captures of a very recent date Lisa had with her regular partner. He has been seeing her on and off over the past few years and last week she invited him over to spend the night. The photos are self explanatory, the night began with drinks and conversation and then progressed to our bedroom. There, I was cuckolded by him while Lisa looked on, what followed was some very passionate sex and an evening no one will forget.

After many months of meeting solo, Lisa invited her black steady over for the evening. He has become Lisa's regular partner, she has been seeing him on her own from time to time over the past year or so, which is why we haven't posted lately. He is 29 years old, black and over 6 foot tall. Even though there is almost a 25 year age difference between them, they have developed a strong bond and sex between them has been improving steadily over time. I'm posting this video to show you the psychological aspect of cuckolding. Many think cuckolding is just fucking another man's wife. But a in our case, the most successful bull controls the sexual mind of both the wife and the cuckold.  I'm writing this a few days after what you see in the video and I've had time to talk to Lisa, and most importantly to think about and truly understand what happened
Shortly after he arrived earlier this week, Lisa told me to help prepare the bedroom.

The first parts of the videos are posted here
and there is a short version below with some stills.

He texted me the next day

At least he asked...


  1. Great captures!! been there done that and love it! hope we can chat someday

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  3. Thanks for your blog. Something happened to me recently that made me think about whether I'd be willing to share my wife sexually. I concluded that I am not willing to share. Your blog was helpful in coming to that decision. Best of luck to the two of you.

  4. I'd love to share my wife with black guys. I'd want to see her gang banged in all of her three cunts, hear her moan and orgasm, see the seed dripping out of her and how the rest covers her with their spunk.

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