Sunday, July 24, 2011

the story continues...

A few months went by with no real mention of what had happened nor any mention of it happening again. I pretty much was starting to think she had gotten it out of her system, whatever it was that she felt she needed to do, but I was wrong abou that. We occassionally had sex and it was all good, or seemed to be at least. One night while out to dinner, Lisa asked if I had heard from the young man she met in our earlier post:

I had been chatting with him over the months and he was very interested in getting together again with my wife. She told me to arrange another date as soon as possible which I did, for a saturday night 3 weeks away. Sex between us came to a halt at this point, although I didn't notice for a week or two. I soon came to understand that this denial of sex was intentional and it is how she would prepare me and herself for her date.

We were to meet at the same hotel bar for drinks and then I would get the room and ... As the date night approached Lisa went to get her hair and nails done, she wanted to look her best for him of course. Lisa showered and was about to get dressed and then told me meet her in the bedroom. She layed on a towel and told me to get my razor...

she wanted me to shave her pussy for him tonight. I did as she asked, as I was doing it she was moaning and saying things like, 'he will be in me in a few hours, he's going to fuck me like he did last time'. she made me make sure it was completely shaven before rinsing off in the shower again.

A few hours later we were off to the hotel bar. We met, had a few drinks and I could tell they were anxious to get to the room. Lisa asked me to go check in at the frint desk. Hard to describe the feeling of standing at the front desk and paying for a room that another man is going to fuck my wife in. I returned to the bar and she asked me for the keys, she asked if I would settle the bar tab then meet them in the lobby.

As the 3 of us walked through the lobby, I saw the man who checked me in, and for some reason I couldn't help feeling like he knew what was going on, although there was no way he could have.

When we got to the room Lisa asked me to get her bag from the car, then come back up to the room. In the bag was a bottle of wine, a change of clothes and our video camera. When I returned I realized I did not bring the key to the room, so as I was about to knock, I hear muffled moaning through the door. I am paralized, not knowing if I should knock or wait till I hear them talking. I am wondering what is going on in there, was he already fucking my wife? I was only gone 5-10 mins...Was she sucking his cock?

Finally I knocked, I heard her say 'Just a minute...' then some laughter...then the door opened. To my surprise they were both still dress, he was on the bed, Lisa's clothes looked alittle out of place...

They embraced on the bed as I opened and poured the wine, within minutes he was undressing Lisa. She called me over and told me to release her bra for her, her full breasts spilled out as I removed each from its holder. He reached over and fondeled each one, cupping them in his hand, her nipples quickly rising with excitment.

Lisa helped him out of his pants, and he layed her back on the bed, her blouse was in the way and she carelessly tossed it over to me, landing on my head. Althoug it made me feel somewhat rediculous, we all laughed and it kind of broke the heavy silence in the room. She soon layed back, spread her thighs for him, he slowly raised her hips up and removed her thong shaking his head in wonder at the site of my wifes perfectly hairly pussy. He quickly began lapping at my wifes' freshly shaven pussy and after a few minutes of moaning, lisa pulled him towards her. They kissed deeply and she reached down between his legs and positioned his thick heavy cock at her love hole. With one slow and deliberate thrust he was inside my wife, balls deep. It was that all of 4 or 5 minutes and his cock was in her, just as she had wanted it.

He fucked her for a long time, I was just sitting and watching as they changed positions and Lisa came time after time. I don't know what goes on in Lisa's head at moments like this...the moment where the head of her playmate's swollen cock is poised near the opening of her beautiful pussy...her pussy hovering over his hard cock. I would love to know what she thinks in that moment as she is about slide down on top of him. For me, seeing her pussy being entered and then stretched by another mans cock is such a mixture of feelings, fear, excitement as well as regret.

I think she realizes this too. Sometimes she will pause, right when she is about to slide down on her playmates stiff cock, and slowly, deliberately ease all the way down, her pussy engulfing his cock with warmth and pleasure. She does this, because she knows I am watching her fuck. I get excitement from watching her curvy ass slide and bounce up and down on another mans cock. I love watching her being an object of sexual desire. I love watching the looks of pleasure that wash across her face as she nears climax with another man.

He fucked her for several hours this night, they paced themselves and took breaks when things heated up beyound what either of them ccould take. She sucked his long fat cock with great skill and talent to get him hard after each break. Towards the end of the night, he was fucking her while she lay flat on her stomach, his legs stradeling her thighs. He pumped her furiously in this position, I could tell he was about to unload. This is a very exciting yet scary moment for a husband to witness. He is inside her without a condom, he could decide to pull out and cover her with his seed. He could also just blow it all inside her. There is nothing I can do to stop what was about to happen. I knew my wife knew he was about to cum, but she said nothing.

She was about to orgasm too and I knew she would not interupt that. He did not pull out. He gave a heavy groan, thrust deeply and then he spasmed as he filled my wife with his sperm.

Hard to describe the feelings I had at that moment. Lisa knew this guy well and felt comfortable with him. When he pulled out, she was exhausted and satisfied and very happy, saying 'that was soooo great!'. As she lay face down on the bed, her friend reached over and grabbed her ass, gently spreading her cheeks, revealing her now loose lips. Lisa's pussy was still contracting, slowly opening and closing, I was still in shock having witnessed this, I was somehow still video taping and I remember wondering if I was going to see his cum leak from her as I had seen countless times in porn movies. It did not leak really out, I could see it, it was in there, but he had made his deposit very deeply.

He would become a frequent partner of Lisa's and they have played and met several times since then.