Saturday, August 13, 2011

The swing club

At this point (around mid 2002), I began to wonder what was going on...was my wife just a slut? I traveled alot for business and I wondered if she had cheated on me over the years, maybe this was not something that had just developed, and in fact had been going on for our whole marriage. So I decided to ask Lisa directly. Her answer was unequivocal, she was not a slut, she was not a cheat, and she valued our marriage and relationship more than ever. She was very sincere and honest and I have no reason to doubt her.

Around this time, Lisa began getting interested in exploring the internet, she found a few sites for swing clubs and an erotic show and mentioned them to me. We went to this Erotic Show in NYC, which was like a big conference for people in the porn biz. It was kind of interesting and fun but since we weren't in the porn biz it really wasn't for us. Lisa suggested we leave the show around 10PM and check out the swing club, which was not very far away.

The club was a multi-level bar, nothing really obvious going on in the bar but Lisa started chatting with one guy at the bar, who told her that people play on the upper level. Lisa suggested we go to the upper level, where we found about 20 couples, in various stages of undress, either making out or having sex. We found a quiet corner and just kind of observed things for a while. Within a few minutes a couple moved close to us and started talking with Lisa. We all kind of hit it off and within an hour or so we invited them to join us for a drink at our hotel.

After a few drinks at the hotel bar, Lisa suggested we bring it up to our room. Once we arrived it was clear the guy wanted Lisa and visa versa. They began kissing on the bed and within minutes he was inside her. His wife and I were laying on the bed, just watching him fuck Lisa so furiously, as if we were not even there. Although I tried, it was obvious that his wife was not interested in having sex or playing at all with me. After some time, Lisa and the womans' husband both climaxed, he spilled his cum all over her ass while fucking her doggy style.

We all fell asleep, all on the same bed, he next to Lisa. The next morning I woke to the sounds of sex, Lisa was laying on her side, John was on his side behind her, he held her leg up with one hand and I could see him stroking his cock against Lisa's pussy lips with the other. She was facing me and I could see the pleasure he was giving her in her face. She looked at me, kissed me and then whispered, 'He's going to fuck me again, ok?'.

His cock was not huge, but the head was enornous. Her legs spread wider, he gave a loud groan and pushed his cock inside her again. A few minutes later Lisa got on her knees and elbows and he fucked her from behind again, exploding all over her ass and back. They left a little while later, we echanged phone # and said we would stay in touch, but never did.

Later Lisa told me she had a good time but had hoped the woman would want to play with me, she said she felt guilty for enjoying herself while I had no such luck, but she said she was horny and a bit tipsy and she had a one track mind at the time.
She said she liked the feeling of a big head inside her, she told me it made her cum because when he was inside her from behind, she could feel it hitting a spot inside her that made her cum so hard.

So another man fucked my wife on this night. And there would be more men over the next few months... I will post those stories very soon. Doubts crept back into my spinning head...The frequency of her trysts was seeming to increase, I once again began to wonder...

Is my wife just a slut? Is she a nymphomaniac? Or is this normal and something I should continue to accept...?

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