Sunday, September 4, 2011

The business aquaintance - He fucks her in my bed

March 2001

A few months passed and Lisa had taken a new position at work. It was a great opportunity and would involve a partnership with a company from the west coast. One of the west coast reps was in town for a conference and Lisa spent a few days working with him. She told me about him after dinner one evening, he was a 28 year old single guy, she said he was very attractive and funny. She told me that the next night they would all be going out to dinner and he would be hading back home the next afternoon.

The next day Lisa looked stunning when she left for work, she wore an above the knee skirt and a fitting blouse with a jacket. She emailed me in the afternoon, reminding me she was going out after work, and told me 'He' would be driving her to the resteraunt and they were going out for drinks after dinner, and 'don't wait up for me'.

Around 11 PM she called from the bar. Everyone else had left, it was just Lisa and him. She had left her car at the office, and she sounded a bit drunk so I told her I would come and get her rather than risk driving home. I heard her talking with him for a few moments and she told me she would call me back in 20 mins. 40 mins passed and she finally called, she was in his car, he was driving her home. She said he would be staying over and please make sure the guest room was ready.

They arrived 20 mins later, Lisa was tipsy, and very playfull. She introduced us and he seemed very nice. Lisa took him to the living room and sat near him on the sofa, she was clearly into him and I had a feeling what was to come of this.

I went to the bedroom and turned on the video camera in anticipation of what was next. Sure enough, when I returned, they were kissing on the sofa, his hand was up Lisa skirt and she was rubbing the substantial bulge in his pants.

Lisa looked up at me and said 'Did you take care of the guest room for me?'.
I said that I had. And with that, she stood up, walked over to me, gave me a kiss and said good night. She then led him by the hand towards the staircase leading up to our bedroom. As they passed me he extended his hand and said 'Thanks, I'll take good care of her, you have a good nite'. They went to our bedroom and closed the door.

I waited and listened for signs of what was happening until i could no longer take it. I went up to the bedroom door and tried to listen, I could hear them talking quietly and laughing, a few moans as well. I reached for the doorknob, it was locked. Finally I knocked and lisa came and opened the door and told me to come in.

She was wearing a see thru nighty, he was laying on the bed - on my side, his belt buckle open.
I sat at the edge of the bed for a moment, Lisa leaned over and kissed him and reached for his crotch.
Lisa looked over at me and said she was having fun, "why don't you go get some sleep in the guest room". She leaned over and helped him take his shirt off as I made my way out of the bedroom.
I knew my prescence was no longer welcome and that she wanted to be alone with him.
For the next 2 hours I heard nothing but moans and screams of exctacy coming from our bedroom. The rythmic sound of the headboard banging against the wall. I spent the night restlessly listening to this guy fucking my wife in my bed. Finally things quieted down around 3AM and I fell asleep, still wondering what had happened.

I woke up a few hours later, the house was quiet. I went to the bedroom door and heard nothing, then went to the kitchen to make coffee. A few minutes later I heard Lisa moaning again. The headboard began to quietly bang again, that sound is unmistakable. In rythm with his thrusts, I knew each sound meant his cock was driving into my wife.

Lisa emerged from the bedroom a few minutes later and made her way to the kitchen. She wore his unbuttoned shirt and nothing else. Through the opening in the shirt I saw his dried sperm on her tits and belly. She said she was worn out, that he was great and she was sorry he had to go back home that night. She thanked me for leaving them alone, she told me he wanted her alone and was not comfortable with me in the room.

She went to shower and they soon both got in his car and went to the office. Lisa exchanged phone #s and emails with him for a few months but they never saw each other again.

I watched the video later and saw much of what happened that night. The light was low but it was very clear that Lisa wanted to be fucked and she got what she wanted.
To this day she thinks he was one of her best lovers and since this was the first to fuck her alone in our bed, he has left an indelible impression on me as well.


  1. i love that She was up front enough to relegate you to the spare room. that is how it shoudl builds the angst and frustration in you as a cuck.

    It must have been very powerful for that first time She was taken by another Man in your bed.

  2. Hot story, not ready to go that far myself but very hot!

  3. Wow, I just started following your stories! How fucking sexy! My hubby is a reluctant cuck, has watched me get fucked but swears not to enjoy it. Doesn't matter. I still get what I want! lol