Sunday, September 18, 2011

The phone call home

Lisa went to another business function a few month later. It was a 2 day conference and was held at a hotel several hours away. Lisa and all the participants would arrive in the morning, have meetings all day, followed by dinner and drinks. Everyone would be staying over at the conference hotel.

Lisa called me after the day of meetings and said she was getting showered and dressed for dinner. She said the meetings were good and that she had a drink with a few of the guys from a different region before going back to the room . She told me one of them, (Mike) kept telling her he couldn't believe she was 44 years old and had 2 kids. He was 34. This was my clue that something might be brewing. There is always a clue with her.

She called again after dinner, she said she was at the bar with Mike. It was 11PM, he had bought her drinks and Lisa was tipsy again. She told me she was having a good time and she would call me when she got back to her room. An hour later she called again. She said she was in her room, but Mike had invited her to his room for a nightcap and she was going there next. She would call me later 'if she could' .

She called 30 minutes later. She was in his room, I knew what was about to happen so I went to my PC and turned on the recorder so I could capture what she said. She told me she was on the bed with Mike, I could hear him in the background, sucking sounds filtered over the phone line. I asked her what he was doing, she said he was taking off her clothes.

She handed him the phone, he told me I had a very sexy wife, he said 'do you know she's going to be his naughty slut tonight? ' he said she is a naughty girl, that he has really nice tits, he asked when the last time she had another guy was, he told me he was taking off her panties and her pussy was nice and shaved. Lisa was moaning in the background the whole time he is talking to me. I knew that it was not shaved when she left that morning, so she must have anticipated this.

He told me they both wanted each other. She told me he was licking her clit, she was breathless at times during the call. I heard her say something about fingers, 'more fingers' and I thought he must have his fingers inside her. He was licking her pussy and she directed him to her clit. She asked me if I was jacking off right now and if I had cum yet? She starts telling him she wants him to cum all over her chest...I heard the phone drop, the line went dead, then I heard her moan deeply and then she said very clearly, 'Fuck me'.

I called back many times over the next hour but there the call went directly to voicemail. it was no use, I knew he was fucking fucking my wife. I did not sleep much that night.

The next morning she called me before hearding to the 2nd day of meetings. She appologized for missing my calls but she s
aid her battery went dead. I asked her what happened, and she just said 'Your ears must have been ringing all night, he fucked me so good!!'.

The audio is posted here, you can hear for yourself, just what that night was like for me to hear another man as he is about to fuck my wife.


  1. Wow! That is very hot and nasty.

  2. That is fucking hot! Loved eavesdropping on your convo, thanks!