Saturday, September 24, 2011

As of this point in 2003, my wife had been fucked by 11 different men during our 15 year marriage - all within the past 3 years or so. Our life together was otherwise very normal and happy. She seemed content with the arrangement and suprisingly, I began to feel more comfortable with what she was doing - even though I didn’t fully understand it. I felt good that she was not a cheater and never lied about what she was doing. In fact, she seemed to enjoy the fact that I knew she was enjoying other men. The fact that she was truthful was good, but I often wondered why she seemed to relish in telling me about the men who she gave herself to and how she seemed to enjoy it so much. After her last encounter she confided that she found it exciting knowing that this man wanted her and that they both got off on calling me and telling me what they were doing.

I sometimes would get the sense that she was in a way saying: these men are enjoying me and pleasing me more than I ever would or could. Having other men want her seemed to affirm her sexuality, she seemed to get a sense of power and sensuality from it. This seemed to excite her and incite her to take things further, And further it would go…

I began to do some research about this sort of thing. What was it that would motivate an otherwise normal, healthy happily married woman, the mother of our 3 children to behave this way? Had I done something to cause this? It was during my research that I first read in detail about the word 'CUCKOLD'. I had heard the term but not fully understood its' meaning. I found that what she was doing had all the signposts of cuckolding. A wife who is sexually promiscuous with the knowledge of her husband. It seemed to matter little if the husband accepted his wife’s infidelity, but it was clear that in the truest sense of the word, it was the wife who was the one to initiate cuckolding. Lisa came into my office one evening while doing this reading, and we had a very frank discussion about what had been going on for the past few years. While she had never known the meaning of the word CUCKOLD, as she read some of the published articles, it was clear to us both that this was now part of our married life.

Lisa was fascinated with the subject and over the next few months I would often find her reading stories and sometimes watching videos on the internet. She never hid it from me, and in fact seemed to enjoy sharing what she was seeing and learning. Many times the videos she watched involved interracial scenes, and while I didn’t think much of it at the time, in retrospect this was a big part of inner desires.
She would sometimes send me links to stories that she found arousing or interesting to her, most of them had cuckold themes or undercurrents. A few examples that stick in my mind are: The wife taking a lover, while the husband waited anxiously at home then returning and denying him, a middle aged wife having sex a young black man who was working at their home, a wife stumbling upon a bachelor party in Vegas and then becoming the entertainment for 10-15 young men.

Cuckolding is all about control, my wife controling her sexuality, and mine as it turns out. Years later I would find out what this was all about and why she was so fascinated by it.


  1. I do hope you continue to write, I find it very interesting and look forward to reading more!

  2. We've a similar history without kids. I begin my blog few days ago (in spanish sorry, and sorry for my english too) and i'll tell our history.
    Thanks for share

  3. I am following your tales, and must say it is very erotic, you seem to want to share her yet are unsure. Your love for Lisa will win out enjoy this time, see her as the other guys see her a lovely, sexy women wanting to be satified in all areas.

    but do not forget that it is you that she ends up with after each encounter. treat her with love and respect and be happy when you get to share her love.

  4. I'm enjoying your narrative. This is a subject I'm becoming increasingly interested in pursuing. My husband is less sure about it...which is no doubt the norm. I'm continuing to push his boundaries, though. It will happen! Blogs like this will help him along.