Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The business function

A few weeks later Lisa went to a business function. After the business meeting and diner, some of her coworkers went to a bar where some former colleagues of hers were planning on meeting. One young man was always a favorite of hers, and in fact I had met him several times and we all got along well. He was 27 years old and single.

The night is a bit of a blur to me but she invited him to our house after they were done at the bar. She surprised me when she walked in the door with him, his hand around her waste, and said 'Look who I found!'.

She had me make them some drinks, even though it was 1AM on a weeknight. We had a good buzz on and Lisa insisted that he not drive home. Lisa told him to come upstairs and she would find him a place to sleep. Our guest room was in disarray because of some remodeling we were doing and knew where this was going...

They went directly into our bedroom and from the kitchen I soon heard her moaning and the bed shaking above me. A few minutes later she called my name and asked me to come upstairs. They were on the bed, her blouse and bra were open, her skirt was up around her waist when I came to the door. His pants were unzipped and his belt was unbuckled She said 'there's nowhere for him to sleep so he's sleeping here', then asked me to bring their drinks up.

When I returned with the drinks she was on her knees on the bed, sucking his cock. She looked up at me and took the drink, took a sip and said thank you, then went right back to sucking him. The guy just looked at me in disbelief, through his hands up as if to say, 'What do you expect me to do?' then his eyes rolled back in his head as my wife continued to suck him.

I turned to leave the room and she stopped me, asked me to sit on the bed next to her. Then She said 'I want you to watch'.

I sat there as she continued to blow him. Soon the rest of their clothes were off and he was fucking her. He continued to fuck her for about 20 minutes i guess and then when it looked like he was ready to cum he slowed down, he turned to me and said 'why don't you fuck her too'...

Lisa said, 'no, don't stop' and she pulled him deeper inside her. A few moments later, groaned loudly, he pulled out of her pussy, rose up and came in my wife's' mouth.

At this point it was late and we all soon fell asleep, Lisa in the middle. He had shot his cum in her mouth and before falling asleep, she kissed me goodnight. This was not just a peck, it was a deep kiss, and she punctuated it by looking me in they eyes, then she smiled and said, 'Taste good...?

The next morning he left very early and Lisa spent the day recovering and relaxing. Although we never discussed it again, we have socialized with him and his (new) wife a few times over the years.